Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shopportunity -- July 16

Big Sale at Macy's!!


Enjoy $.99 Shipping on Clearance Items at Macys.com! Offer Valid 16-July-2008 through 20-July-2008.

Many lovely things, including the following dress, which is so Audrey Hepburn I could swoon:

And since we were speaking of white dresses the other day...

What's more summery than white eyelet?

To go with your summer dress, these adorable espadrilles:

And look, look! Look at the super cute multi-color patent flat sandals! Oh, I LOVE these!

For the men!

I know, I know. Don't freak out. Here's what you do. You put on the shirt and you tuck it into these nice flat-front khakis

And then you toss this great casual cotton jacket (maybe not this color, but it comes in others) over it

and you finish off the whole shebang with these great, comfortable slip-on shoes that are not in the least pimpin'

Voila! You are now the best-looking guy in the room, and discerning eyes notice and are impressed by your confident fashion know-how.

(Click on photos for links to items.) Lots of good stuff at the Macy's site. So go! Shop!!!

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Duchesse said...

Those patent sandals and also the espadrilles are so much more wearable than the black shoes of your last post. I guess I prefer super cute to fierce!

StyleSpy said...

Duchesse -- Cannot argue with you that the super-cute are more useful, certainly. But love is not rational! ;-)