Friday, July 18, 2008

Wherein Style Spy Is Reminded Why She Seldom Buys Suede Shoes

Dangit. Dangit dangit dangit!

Remember the cute white suede gladiator sandals I mentioned buying not long ago? Well, I wore them for the first time with jeans, and the dye from the jeans rubbed off on the sandals!

Aaaiieeeeee!!! Oh, I'm so cheesed!!! The jeans have been washed before, but apparently they still have enough color in them to bleed on my shoes. Dangit! Because now I'm completely in love with the shoes and I don't want to do without them. And they were so cute with my little straight-leg jeans and a loose summer top!

Well. That's what I'll be spending a big chunk of the weekend on. I've got the suede cleaner, I've got the suede eraser, I've got the little wire brush. If worse comes to worst, I'll hit them with some white shoe polish, possibly. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Dangit! Dangit dangit dangit!! No more suede! I never learn!

Although you know what would get me over my Fear of Suede? These:


Ahhhhhh... I can feel my fear melting away just looking at them. These would definitely also do the trick:


Oh, in those shoes I would fear absolutely nothing! The top ones are Valentino and the second ones are Miu Miu, both of which being brands that suit my feet extremely well. And either of these gorgeous shoes -- both red suede, and yet so very, very different! -- could tempt me to make the same foolish mistake again.

Because sometimes learning the hard way is totally worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Chalk or Talc might clean it and cover it. do not wet as it will set it. Talc first then chalk. Bad jeans , poor Aim. Cheers K

Deja Pseu said...

Oh, that's too bad about the dye transfer. That happens with white bags sometimes too; they pick up the dye from resting against your hip. I don't know if this would work on suede, but a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will sometimes get the dye stains off white leather.

WendyB said...

The dye is unfortunate but it's really not too bad -- soon it will blend into the normal wear and tear.

Duchesse said...

If you can't get them to an acceptable white, can you have them dyed?

LeeLee said...

Call a furniture repair/ upholstery specialist. They may have a trick or two for suede.

Princess Poochie said...

I did that with a purse ones - blue dye on a white leather bag. And it wasn't even suede! You may even be able to "buff" it out. Get a gentle white pumice stone and try to buff it away gently.

You cant resist suede. It's just too touchable and swoonworthy. I have my eye on these for fall - - and paired with lux tights people will want to purr against me!