Friday, January 18, 2008

More Fluttering, Now In Technocolor

So. What do we think about this stuff?


It's a new mascara from Max Factor that comes with two different colors, one a darker basecoat and one a bright highlight color.


This one's called Blushing Blue -- blue base, magenta tips. Hmmmm...


This one seems a little more... practical, for lack of a better word. Moonlit Black, with silver.

I'm torn.

The devil-may-care fashionista part of me who supports all things fabulous and experimental thinks, "Nifty! What a fun way to play with makeup!" The real-life part of me thinks, "Well, that's just ridiculous."

For starters, who knows what it actually looks like, despite the very lovely publicity photos of Carmen Electra (a woman whose name I still cannot say with a straight face -- references to Bizet and Sophocles are just not what one expects from a Baywatch actress who was once married to a Red Hot Chili Pepper). As big a fan as I am of Max Factor mascaras (and I am -- I really do wear them), no actual living person has ever gotten their eyelashes that long with merely the aid of a wand full of goop. And those photos of the actual eyes are pretty obviously photoshopped (it's the same photo of the same eye, with the colors changed), so what's a bi-color-curious gal to believe?

The color combo I'd be most interested in would be this one:


24 Karat Brown, which is a nice brown topped with gold. I think redheaded me would be best in these colors. I am also intrigued by this one:


Blazing Black. Although typically I think it best to avoid anything in the red family around the eyes to avoid the bunny-eyes effect, this is so wonderfully dramatic. And you know I love the drama.

On the other hand, I also keep flashing back to this nightmare


from Erin Fetherston's last runway show, and that? Is not exactly what I'm after. Oh-so-creepy.

If I run across this product during my weekend perambulations I may pick some up. What do you folks think? Has anyone tried this stuff yet?

On a completely different note, Style Spy is hitting the Bridal Trail again this weekend with her Newly Engaged Friend Ms. A. Any & all Austin-area readers (and I'm including San Antonio & Dallas in that category) are most welcome to write with their advice on shopping for fabulous-but-not-bank-breaking wedding attire. We will be especially interested in information on folks who provide service in the customizing and alterations arena, so if you have recommendations on who to use and who to avoid I'd love to hear them!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Amy I am surprised at your shyness about this great product. Do let me say it is not that strong a colour on the lashes. Second it looks great at night, or with a bare (nude) eye.Under Candlelight. How about envisioning deep purple/blue lash with a fuschia tip !! n the outer corner lashes . COOL
But not for days when you are going for a walk in the country. For years we had to buy two tubes to get as many colours . the convience alone is great. .Yet the blackest of blacks , is still the gold standard ...k

PS> what colour does a natural red head like yourself wear?

r sorrell said...

I don't plan on trying it. I have blonde eyelashes and I look like a boy without mascara... I want the longest, thickest, BLACKEST eyelashes I can get. (No brown or auburn mascara for me.) If I want something dramatic, I'll use colored shadow or liner.