Monday, January 7, 2008

Not My Demographic

In Target a while back I checked out the newest Go International line -- this time designed by Erin Fetherston. The collection came out in November. (This post is a little late to the Fetherston party -- it got delayed by the holidays and then lost in the shuffle, but I think a lot of the stuff is still in stores, so here goes.)

I've liked several of the Go International collections -- I thought the one from Libertine was actually quite sharp. Generally, these clothes are not incredibly well-made, but they aren't meant to be basics that you wear day-in and day-out for several seasons. These are super-trendy fast fashion, in the vein of what H&M or Zara produce. I find generally that the clothes from Target's other lines, like Isaac Mizrahi's stuff, is better-quality.

And while I am always an advocate for buying the very best version you can afford of whatever it is you're looking at, I'm certainly not so big a fashion snob that I'm above buying something cute & trendy that's not too expensive. Honestly, when going with the super-trendy, it's best NOT to spend a lot. Black cashmere v-neck sweater -- break the bank, you'll get your money out of it. Super-nifty little on-trend jacket you're just going to wear through the holiday season -- not so much.

But I have to say that in this case Target is obviously not trolling for this particular shopper's dollars. Check this out:

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Um... yeah. Skews a wee bit young, doesn't it? Seriously, this is not a dress for anyone over 25. Oh, who are we kidding -- this is not a dress for anyone over 12!

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I think this would be adorable on someone singing in her grade school Christmas choir. If, on the other hand, she could actually drive herself to the concert? No.

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And WHAT is with this goofy, childish, pigeon-toed stance? I am INCREDIBLY annoyed by that.

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Even this suit -- arguably the most adult look in the collection, is being dumbed down by this toddler-esque posing.

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I loathe the infantilization of women. It's one of my biggest feminist bugbears. (Yes, you can be a feminist in four-inch heels.) And these clothes don't look so much designed as copied from the stuff in the children's department.

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I mean, please...

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Check out this top. Not so awful, right, little long-sleeved smock top. Now check out a close-up of the pattern.

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Bunnies. Yep. Bunny wabbits. Hippity-hop!

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I looked at this skirt -- perfectly acceptable navy blue velveteen skirt -- except good grief, it's brief. Evidently the model for this shoot was from Lilliput, because I held up that skirt over my posterior and while there was a size that would have gone around me, I am here to tell you that ain't no way the door on that garage was closing over the trunk of that car, if you know what I mean.

In the video on the Target website, Ms. Featherhead -- excuse me, Fetherston -- says she got her inspiration in Paris. This grated my cheese most of all. My friends, unless she was hanging around the crèches and the écoles maternelles, I have no idea where in Paris she got these "inspirations." Paris is a city where women aspire to look like adults, and not martini-drinking versions of Hannah Montana. Which is one of the reasons I love it so.

I had some hopes for this because Fetherston's last runway collection, while decidedly femme-y, contained some pieces that were sophisticated in a nice, quiet, womanly way.

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That gray dress is just lovely. There's not much going on there, but the fabric is beautiful and how refreshing would it be to wear something like that when all the other women were dripping in sequins? If you really wanted a little glitz, what about a beautiful thin jeweled belt at the waist? Perfect.

By the way, the strange zombie-fied look of the models eyes is due to this:

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Erm, ew. While I encourage the bold & playful maquillage, that just creeps me out, and from a distance the models all look they want to eat your brain. Ick.

Based on the hints Target is dropping, I'm guessing the next Go International collection might be by Juicy Couture. Rightly or wrongly, I boycott Juicy in general because... well, we've all heard my rants about the velour sweatsuits and egregious backside emblazoning, so I'll spare you. In my dreams, Olivier Theyskens designs for Target, and every piece is wonderful.

Actually, in my dreams, Olivier Theyskens designs for me. Just me. No one else. Little ol' me. Lalalalala!!

Anyone else checked out the Fetherston stuff? What'd ya think? Let me know!


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Princess Poochie said...

I got the teal velvet jacket which ended up being nice, but totally agree on the rest. I couldn't even stomach the bunnies to wear around the house.

Sadly that pidgeon stance is all over Hollywood. I think the starlets think it is attractive or something. I just don't get it.

And I liked some of the dresses, but, yeah, I'm just not that twee any more.

And I really hope it's not Juicy for the next one. I dislike them almost as much as the tacky Baby Phat.


Lora said...

Hah! Yes, I was just in a Target the other day buying myself a new cheap-o bra, and of course I couldn't resist browsing the racks. I honestly thought these items were mistakenly placed in the wrong section of the store. I glanced briefly at the red ruffle skirt jumper thingie and embarrassingly assumed I'd mistaken items meant for portly youngsters for those of adult women. Sadly, it seems I was actually in the right. I can't imagine they sold very well.

blackbird said...

I've seen the Fetherston line IRL too, and I am far from her demographic, and have to agree. I couldn't figure out who MIGHT be buying her stuff. The fabrics were awful and the pieces had very odd proportions.
If I'm shopping cheap and trendy I'm at Old Navy.

Deja Pseu said...

Sing it, sistah!

As a 50-year-old, I've found nothing wearable in any of these target Go! collections. I've actually bought a couple of the Mizrahi pieces, but I'm not much into disposable fashion anymore either. My ideal Target guest designer would probably be Armani. ;-)

And thanks for this: I loathe the infantilization of women.
It's been my biggest fashion/feminist gripe for years. The clothes and poses are more reminiscent of overgrown toddlers than of adult women.

M. said...

Seems like I only find (at most) one piece out of each collection that is worth my time to try on. Pretty much the entire Erin Featherston collection was way too juvenile for me. I did like the off white wool winter coat, though, and picked it up when it went on clearance.

r sorrell said...

I picked up a few things from the Libertine line when it was around... but I, too, was somewhat horrified at the little-girl costuminess of the Erin Fetherston collection. Did you see the icky gold tiered minidress? Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Steeltrap said...

I have never purchased anything from Go International, and it was clear from the get-go that the target (no pun intended) was young women, not women in my age group. I am in my early 40s.

The sizing is junior, not misses, and the largest size I'd seen online was a 15. So I pretty much wrote it off.

Target's standard misses' stuff, including Mizrahi, goes up to 18.