Saturday, January 5, 2008

Shopportunity -- January 5

Nothing beats the post-holiday letdown blues like tossing a little money around, and what's better than tossing it at fabulous stuff that's ON SALE! To help with that, eLuxury -- which is fast becoming one of my favorite e-tailers -- has further reductions on their sale merch.

Further Reductions

Glorious stuff like this:


I adore this dress. I adored this entire collection. Someone I know should have this dress, especially at less than half its original price!!

Remember these little beauties? They're even more on sale!!


Look at this beautiful thing, from Gaultier


That is risky, but well worth the risk, if you ask me.

Speaking of my buddy Jean Paul, I waaaaaaaaant this necklace:


Remember when I told you to buy everything you could get your hands on from Olivier Theyskens' first seasons at Nina Ricci? Now's your chance!!!


This is from the preview season, which was a little capsule collection. A perfect black dress -- go to the site to look at the detail photos to really get an idea of the magic of this thing.


This is from the first full season -- it's an iconic, instantly recognizable piece, and looks delicious and snuggly to boot!

What's more glam than opera-length black gloves?


Opera length RED gloves!!! Stupendous! (There are several other fabulous colors, too, like purple and gold. Yummy.)

So, go! Shop!!


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Lora said...

There are lots of pretty things here, but that Jean Paul Gaultier top is hideous if you ask me. What is it supposed to be? A picture frame for your belly button? Ew.

Chrissie said...

I am in love love love with those ballet flats. And I also share your covet for the j.p. necklace. WOW. Great coverage!

You've been tagged!

StyleSpy said...

Lora -- I think I might go with a camisole underneath the Gaultier top. Solves the belly button problem.

Lora said...

It just looks to me like there should be something in the middle of the square. Though I suppose in my case it would probably be my boobs.