Friday, April 4, 2008

Hope For Us All

This photo popped up on my radar this morning and I wanted to show it to you:


Behold Jane Fonda at the premier of the movie "Smart People." No, I don't bring this photo to you in order to illustrate what not to wear, although that Pocahontas-goes-to-aerobics-class outfit is pretty awful. (Are there buckskin leg warmers underneath that shredded saddle blanket of a skirt, Jane?)

No, I show you this to point out to you that Jane Fonda is 70 years old.


And whatever you may think about Ms. Fonda and her lifetime of various career incarnations, political causes, and marital adventures -- you have got to give it up for her being one fantastic-looking septuagenarian. Dang. Evidently, 70 is the new 40. I dunno what moisturizer she's using, but I want to get me some.

But back to the outfit... It was actually almost good. Love the color on her. Had the skirt been just one layer of fabric, a nice pencil or a-line, and made of something less likely to have been found covering a pillow in someone's Seigfried & Roy-themed rumpus room, I think she might have really had something there. Imagine a nice caramel-brown smooth wool tweed instead, or a beautiful smooth soft leather, without all the foofy bits. I do love that necklace -- it looks like Robert Lee Morris, who's one of my favorite jewelry designers. She also needs to lose the fussy little purse, it looks like something your great-grandmother kept her embroidery in. A nice sleek crocodile envelope clutch would have really worked there. Also, love her hair. That is great grown-up hair that doesn't look matronly.

But again I say -- 70. You go, Jane!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Anonymous said...

I agree, she looks fantastic for any age. I think she has had a bit of work done as they say? But she did have some rockin genes to begin with that helps. I like the big bronze with the purse in balance. I have a tiny problem with with heavy shawl, a nice blazer or jacket would do better IMHO. She is wearing the clothes they are not wearing her which is always best .NOT have that done-by so and so look is refreshing. k

savvy gal said...

This is why, it's never too early to start to maintain oneself. Though in the end, my plastic surgeon friend tells me, I will be seeing him soon or later.

Anonymous said...

But it's too late!! I already don't look that good and I'm over 30 years younger than her.
I'll have to go by that great saying "if you can't be a good example then be a horrible warning"

Love horrible warning Cybill

tmp00 said...

Wow! 70?

I am so getting my ass to the gym!