Friday, April 11, 2008

Pretty for Friday -- April 11

As is becoming traditional, some random objects of dreaminess to send you into your weekend.


These were a heads-up from the fabulous Plumcake. Plumcake is an enabling temptress who knows just where my sweet spot is. I love her.


From myboyfriendAlexanderMcQueen. This dress is haunting me. I am IN LOVE with this dress and I assure you I would ROCK this dress. I am seriously considering whether this dress is the next item for the Luxury Tithe. The only problem is that this dress basically costs a trip to Paris. I think I need Paris more than I need this dress.

Have a great weekend, everyone!! And if you shop, I wanna hear aaaaaaaall about it!!

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Anonymous said...

I've had my credit card surgically removed from my hands so I can't shop - I can however, lust after that dress

StyleSpy said...

Cybill, I may need to get the number of that surgeon...

Deja Pseu said...

Ayyyy, me too. MUST...NOT...SPEND....auugggghhh

Always In Style said...

lord give me the strength to not scamper off and buy this right now.