Thursday, August 7, 2008

Better Than a Gift Certificate

Attention, shoppers. May I direct you to the August issue of GQ, long one of my favorite magazines and now even more so due to the portfolio of photos of John Slattery, silver fox star of "Mad Men," working various plaid suits that are almost as gorgeous as he is.


You can keep your various medical show heartthrobs. This is the sexiest man on television.


A hot man in a good suit. What's sexier than that? Nothing. Nothing is sexier than that. My goodness gracious, that could knock the manners right out of a nice southern gal, leaving her to behave in ways that would make her mama frown, to say the least.

I bring this up because my birthday is next week. You know, in case you're having trouble deciding what to get me.


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Anonymous said...

"Fox" is right! And with that hair, "silver" is right. But he was born the same year I was, so reading "silver fox" did make me feel just a smidgen old. . .

Love to see a man in a suit. I also love to see a man who has slipped off his jacket, loosened his tie a little and rolled up his white shirt sleeves (showing tan, muscled forearms, of course). That is miles better than a guy in a striped golf shirt and khakis.

StyleSpy said...

Melissa -- "silver fox" is only because of that gorgeous hair, not a comment on his age. Mr. Slattery is only a few years older than me -- actually, exactly three years older, since, much to my surprise, I find we have the same birthday!

Alexandreena said...

A hot man in a good suit is perfection!

Belle de Ville said...

In my book nothing and I mean NOTHING is sexier than a hot guy in a well cut suit.
May you get one for your birthday!

Anonymous said...

Birthday buddies--I love it!! John Wayne has the same birthday (not year thank you very much) as I do.

Congratulations on your birthday--I hope it is filled with friends, love and laughter.

Anonymous said...

If I could I would get him for you for your birthday .Seems my HD torments me , as off he goes in his beautiful white shirts,cuff links ,silk ties and suits. By home time when I see him for 5 sec before he sheds the beautiful clothes. And a total metamorpheus happens old jeans and moc's, he has no nice casual clothing(poor baby). It could be worse , it could be the other way around eek cheers K

Anonymous said...

My DH wears scrubs to work every day. I'm always giving him a hard time about his work pajamas.

Fortunately, he knows that my knees weaken for a well-dressed man, so if we're going to dinner somewhere nice he is happy to spiff up for me :)

It took me 10 minutes to type this because my daughter's kitten is so facinated by my computer screen that he keeps jumping on the laptop to have a look-see and typing all kids of gook. How can an animal be sooo cute and soo annoying at the same time???

Karen said...

Ah, John Slattery. Loved him since discovering him 10 years ago in the short-lived Ann Cusack sitcom "Maggie." Still makes the back of my knees sweat.

Thanks for the photos--man, can he carry off a suit.

StyleSpy said...

Karen -- you and your sweaty knees are more than welcome.

tmp00 said...

Oh, and I have it on unimpeachable authority that he's straight.

Damn it all...