Friday, August 22, 2008

Travel Requirements and Shopportunities

Ah, travel. It broadens your perspectives. It opens up the mind. It introduces you to people and places you would not have otherwise have experienced. There's the whole subgenre of "adventure travel" or "eco-tourism" wherein travelers safari, backpack, and otherwise generally rough it while getting close to whatever habitat they have chosen to explore. Sounds amazing, but not my idea of relaxing. I have friends who crave the beach -- who want nothing more than to plunk themselves down on a "beach bed" (I have it on good authority that such things exist) and slowly sip margaritas all day long in the sun and salt spray. Not my thing. There are my camping friends, who will drive themselves out into the middle of big Bend National Park and strike off for days at a time with merely whatever they can squeeze into their backpacks. I do not own a backpack. I have another friend organizing a ski trip this winter who has invited me along. I regretfully declined. I'm sure it would, as she assures me, be fun. But in order to go on a ski trip I will have to willingly go somewhere where it is cold (which is a requirement for snow, which is a requirement or skiing).

I'm a city girl. I like to travel to cities. I like museums and restaurants and opera houses and high rises and perfume shops and transit systems and taxis and hotels. And, as we know, I like to shop. Frankly, if there are no retail opportunities presented by travel, I'm not really interested in doing it. Does that make me shallow? Perhaps. It also makes me well-dressed. I can live with it.

And not many places in the world are better for all the stuff I love to do than New York City. Never been? Too long since your last trip? Here's your chance:

It's a long weekend in the Big Apple with accommodations and some spending money -- a perfect little getaway, not to mention a great excuse to do some shopping. (Just be careful -- the airlines are charging per suitcase now. I cannot tell you with what enormous dismay I heard that news.) I've already entered. And while you're at Shopbop, check out the enormous summer sale -- there is tons of marked-down stuff.

Alice + Olivia Butterfly Dress with Satin Belt

I haven't hopped on the patio dress bandwagon yet, not because I dislike them, but because I do resist anything so trendy that I suspect is unlikely to carry through to next year at this time. However, this dress could make a gal change her mind. I love the butterflies, and I love the way the black and white keeps the butterflies from being too sweet.

Alice + Olivia Bell Sleeve Gathered Top

I'm on a near-frantic search for nice, cool, sleeveless or short-sleeved tops. I lovelovelove this botanical print. This would be so very cute with my cropped khakis, or narrow jeans.

Leopoldo Giordano Open Toe Ankle Strap Pump

Perfectly fantastic and useful, not to mention gorgeous, nude shoe. Open shoes with tights are going to be everywhere in the next couple of seasons. The suede will move these easily into fall, and imagine how pretty these will be with a pair of jewel-toned tights underneath them. They also come in chocolate brown. I love these shoes, and they are crazy on sale.

Vince Sleeveless Cascade Neck Tie-Dye Dress

This is a dress I've seen and admired in stores all summer long. A slight variation on the sheath dress, a little more forgiving, in a beautiful patterned silk. It's just enough specialness without trying too hard. Lovely dress.

So, go!! Shop!!!

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Duchesse said...

I'm with you, I even get edgy in museums b/c I can't buy things (Le Duc finds this unbearably crass.)

I love that top. Quite sensible ito buy now so that when you DO need a springlike floral there it is in your closet. The green dress is gorgeous, too if you want a dressy number ;)

My favourite place to stay in NYC is 1871 House, a B (No Breakfast), especially the Garden Room with its private terrace.

Tellicherry said...

Hey, I just got back on Wednesday from the New York gift market! And I am kicking myself for not buying this incredible necklace at MoMA that isn't on their website. However, I do not regret one single solitary bite at Otto in the Village.

Deja Pseu said...

Well, I do love my ski vacations, but even then there are some great places to shop at a lot of the mountain resorts. That Vince dress is nifty!

Cath said...

I just got back from a week in NYC and I absolutely want to live there. Stayed at Beekman Tower, explored the East Side and checked out Greenflea Market on the Upper West Side. I'll take a city vacation anytime.

WendyB said...

A friend of mine has the short version of that butterfly dress. It's very nice! I like city vacations or beach vacations -- never "country" vacations!

WinterWheat said...

Ohhhh, I love that patio dress too. I haven't bought one yet myself either, but I should: at 6 feet tall, my body is *made* for them.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Style Spy! Big city vacations are the only ones worth taking.My sister takes great offense that I have no interest in cruises nor do I want to go to Maui with her.
I feel such a pang of envy when I read about ANYBODY who lives in NYC, and I read about it every day. Envy, envy all day long. My family, including husband & inlaws think NYC is evil, dirty and dangerous. *sigh*
Unhappy Suburbanite...Car in Utah

sarahn said...

Hi Style Spy, I'm with you on city vacations, too. I'm off to Toronto for a week on Sunday and I can hardly wait.

I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now, and *just* realized you're aimtx from MUA! It hit me when you posted about Shine a few weeks ago. Glad to see you here, I think we've swapped once or twice.

I'm all over that shopbop sale too. Scored a pair of Frye's and a pair of Modern Vintage for $70 each.