Friday, August 8, 2008

I Think I'll Have to Make Do With a Nice Glass of Wine

Oh, it's the Dog Days... Or is it? When are the Dog Days, officially? Surely mid-August in a city that has already had the third-highest number of triple-digit temperatures in recorded history (and we've a good 4 - 6 weeks of summer left here) counts.

At any rate...

It's hot. As hell. I'm not going anywhere for a summer vacation. I may not even be going anywhere for a fall vacation, depending on what gas prices do -- I'm certainly not going to Paris. I'm on a No Buy in order to try to soothe my somewhat bruised credit cards after a couple-three months of some pretty serious spending, and to try to save up money for a birthday treat. (Which I think I have already given myself, so that's out now, too.) And oh, yeah -- the birthday's coming up. It's not even a fun one, although it is one of the last times I'll be a prime number.

So to entertain myself I've put together a No Holds Barred Wish List. Herewith, some things Style Spy would be ecstatic to find under her... um... birthday tree.

Item #1:


Tubereuse Criminelle, from Serge Lutens. I've talked about this perfume here before. I was planning to pick up my bell jar in Paris in November, but that was when I thought I was actually going to Paris. Since I won't be getting there for who knows how long, I'm going to have to continue to make do with decants. (You can't buy this perfume in the States, or anywhere other than the Palais Royale boutique.) I could break down and ask one of my Parisian friends to send me a bottle but A) la poste in France is -- forgive me, mes amies -- frighteningly unreliable and B) that deprives me of the experience of walking into that hushed cathedral of aromas and being waited upon by mildly snooty French women in black smocks and perfectly tweezed eyebrows. And then, walking through the garden of the Palais Royale, past the Comedie Francais, and out onto the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, with my little shopping bag in my hand. Probably I would stop in one of the cafés in the garden for a glass of wine first. Wouldn't you?

Item #2:

Who's got frequent flyer miles they don't need?

(And yes, I took that photo. And yes, I was up at the tippy-tippy-top. It was like a dream.)

Item #3:


Ralph Rucci: The Art of Weightlessness. A book about one of my idols of fashion.

Item #4:


The Cleves Ring from Wendy Brandes Jewelry. In yellow gold, s'il vous plait. Isn't that beautiful? So graceful, I just love it. Wendy is a super-cool gal with a terrific blog who designs gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry which I cannot afford.

Item #5:


Cave Felem from Hermes. It's vintage, it's no longer in production, it's nearly impossible to find. It is irresistible to me because, aside from the highly unusual mosaic effect of the design which I find completely stunning, it looks just like my Shine:

How perfect is that? Down to the eyebrow whiskers!! I've seen them on eBay for over $500 (!!!), but it was listed by someone who seems to sell Hermes scarves by the truckload and I'd be willing to bet the price of the scarf it's counterfeit.

Items #6 & 7:



Both YSL, both so perfectly me they hurt a little bit. Especially that cuff. Really -- could you have designed anything more perfect for me?

Item #8

Robert Rodriguez cashmere & fox fur cardigan. I think if I don't have this I will cry for a hundred years.

Item #9


31 rue Cambon. My decant is getting low and I'm getting panicky. This is one of the most beautiful perfumes I've ever owned, and every time I wear it she gets her hooks a little more deeply into me. This is my grown-up French lady perfume. It's ravishing. It's technically a chypre, although it's a chypre sans oakmoss, which some folks will tell you means it's not a chypre at all. It's definitely the most accessible chypre I own, with its soft, beautiful floral heart and cheerful bergamot opening that welcomes me with a sunny smile. I feel so beautiful when I wear this, like I'm floating. The only place to get this stuff is a Chanel boutique, and I have no idea when I'll be near one of those next, so I'm probably going to have to get another decant from The Perfumed Court.

Item #10

By Linda Grant, who writes the great blog The Thoughtful Dresser, which I never miss.

Item #11


YSL. Perfect. 'Nuff said.

Oh, the list is long and the funds are short. (I didn't even get to the shoes... ) What's on your list?

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Anonymous said...

Well I hope you have a fabulous birthday, even if you don't get to Paris this year. :)
A full bottle of 31 Rue Cambon is on my wish-list also, but the 200ml bottle is just so HUGE, I think I'll make do with decants for a while longer. And while Tubereuse Criminelle is lovely, if I found myself in Paris, I'd have to pick up a bell jar of Sarrasins. Jasmine with the softest touch of leather. Sex in a bottle ;)
Karen G.

WendyB said...

I'm glad you like the Cleves ring! Now if you would settle for silver, maybe we could get that to an affordable price for you :-)

Billy D said...

I'm an Iris Silver Mist girl myself. I WILL own a bell jar of it someday. Perhaps with my initials? Along with a MKK jar, a Chene jar, maybe even Fumerie Turque...

I'd also take a bottle of L'homme de coeur from Divine, and some Bois d'Iris from The Different Company. Some Dior Homme boots. Now do you think I can pull off a fur camelia?,5,5,10

Along with this belt (with which I am seriously in love):,5,2,10

And I've been wanting a bouquet of water lilies for a while now. They're damn expensive, but I want I want I want!

Anonymous said...

HUmm maybe I could just make you a tiny bit happier I must see If I have a bottle of TC with your name on it .LOL. I am freezing here it has rained all summer ,we have tiny ants everwhere. Where is summer? I will Toss you down some damp cool air.
Did anyone check out the yet unissued bottle of Pulp Byredo..sniffa has it ,not for the faint of heart. Now how do I get that lovely ring K

materfamilias said...

Good luck with the birthday list -- I'm at a much larger number that is the product of two prime numbers, and I'm here to tell you that the one you're at is truly not so bad -- much to look forward to;-)
As for my wishes, I recently posted a photo of precisely the Rodriguez skirt featured in your photo -- when I went to try it on, the store had it in size 0, 2, and 12 -- neither of which work, so I've resisted a very serious temptation and suffered a little disappointment. Money in my Paris fund instead.

Princess Poochie said...

Aahhh Spy,

You're birthday wishes are so much more interesting than mine are. But I basically never think I'm getting a gift since we get stuff all year long, so I never drop the good hints.

Since you've been to Paris more than I have, and I need more "planning" visits since I want to move there we should plan a trip together! Save on lodgings. To bad the flights are the big ticket items (literally!) these days.


CGHill said...

Twenty-nine is prime, right? :)

Dragonfly said...

I thought you might like to know that Hermes "Cave Felem" has not been faked. If you are fortunate enough to see it on ebay, you do not have to be concerned about that. Lately they have not commanded such a high price, most recently somewhere between 300.00 and 400.00. Since the cost of new Hermes has risen, there are a lot of popular designs that now bring those kinds of pricing.
You are right the scarf does look like your precious cat. That was what drove me to get my Cave Felem, my love of my cats.
Good luck in the hunt.