Monday, August 4, 2008

Heels in their Native Habitat

Plumcake shared this photo with me, and I wanted to share it with you.

These are my rose-gold glitter Pedro Garcia Noa pumps (spoken of in my last post), nestled comfortably on Plumcake's fabulous Caddy convertible. I'd first spotted these shoes in the Neiman Marcus here in Austin and while I loved them very, very much, I was trying to be good and I walked away from them. They haunted me, though, and I regretted leaving them behind. Not long after that, the Neiman Marcus outlet here had a pre-sale of their new arrivals and lo and behold! There they were! Even more on sale! A reward from the Shoeniverse for being responsible. Naturally, this time I snapped 'em up like a hungry shark. Because I'm no fool. I bought them on the pre-sale, and Plumcake retrieved them for me when she picked up some things for herself. Before she handed them over she created this little piece of art, inspired by their delicious Shirley-MacLaine-in-Vegas contours.

Oh, they're so yummy. I haven't worn these in a while, I need to come up with an excuse to trot these babies out...

Photo: Plumcake

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Jo said...

I love those shoes so much, and love the mental image of you and Plumcake zipping around in a convertible Caddy! I am jealous.

tmp00 said...

Nice shoes! Is that an Eldorado?