Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love It or Hate It -- Yet More Fuzz

All right -- well, last week's fuzzy cardigan got an overwhelming thumbs down -- 90% of voters Just Said No to fuzz. That one was made of eyelash yarn and I have to agree -- I think it's a fiber that should only be found in handmade stuffed animals for sale at holiday season fundraiser craft sales.

Or in hats that your friend Ginny knits you in order to help you channel your inner feline.


But I saw these next two when I finally got around to checking out the pre-Fall 2009 collections. They're from Donna Karan (and by the way, this collection is thoroughly gorgeous.) These are not eyelash yarn -- these are apparently ostrich feathers & paillettes.



I have to say, I love 'em. They are decadent and statement-making and wild. Especially the red one (no surprise there) -- I can think of a lot of ways I'd like to wear that. I love the idea of it with my black Rochas skirt with a simple silk shell underneath it, or with skinny black cropped pants and high-heeled boots.

So what do we think? Love it or hate it? Vote in the poll top right!

Photos: style.com

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Anonymous said...

OH~~~Aim... It ....soooo....... ~~~~~~~~~YOU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you buy it LOLOL and Shine will chase you around the house !The house that sells nuts ...It does give us a look at what you would look like with dr.brown hair but I think you need a new stylist.
~~~~~STEP AWAY from the furs & feathers giggles

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that red one is astonishing. Not just 'crazy, but okay if you're in the mood' but drop dead gorgeous. Walk into a party wearing that, and I guarantee EVERYONE would be stroking you. Except they would'nt be allowed, because they'd damage the feathers...


Anonymous said...

My first instinct is that it looks like a mess. A beautiful, sloppy, decadent mess. Then, with further appraisal, I began to warm up to the red one. It would work very well in the ways you proposed, or even in a duplicate of the picture.

But the main reason for the comment is because of your "black Rochas skirt". The alterations worked? How gorgeous is it? Congrats!