Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Style Spy Recs

'Member these?
They arrived this weekend and I'm completely in love with them. I am going to wear these shoes to ribbons, and I'm seriously contemplating buying another pair to put aside for when these head into the Great Shoe Closet in the Sky, because my guess is that these are going to be my go-to shoe whenever I'm wearing slacks or jeans. They're still on sale, and they have tons of sizes, including several in AA widths, for you narrow-footed gals, and they go as small as a 5. I found them a little snug across the instep at first, but I wore them around the house for the afternoon and they've loosened up quickly. They're super-light and flexible. Love. I highly rec.

They also have these in their sale section, which I also highly rec:
I have a couple of pairs of these in the bright colors they had for spring & summer, but the beautiful metallics they have now are perfect for the holiday season. They have four different metallic patents, all of which are really pretty. These are great shoes that look beautiful with a party dress but aren't so high that your feet will be screaming before you've gotten your first cocktail down. (A note: I found these a wee bit narrow through the ball of the foot and had to wear them around the house to loosen them up a bit. In general I think Cole Haan shoes run on the narrow-ish side.)

So there you are -- personal recommendations from Style Spy's shoe closet -- and on sale, no less! There are lots of great shoes on sale at the Cole Haan website, so do check it out. And if that's not enough to convince you:


Aaaaaaand??? Free shipping on everything until Dec. 15. OMG!


That means those adorable driving mocs? A few pennies under 63 bucks. And the slip-ons? Just under $77. BARGAINS!

So, go! Shop!!!

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Joelle said...

Those Cole Haan wedges are divine. Exactly what I have been looking for!

StyleSpy said...

Joelle -- let me know how they work for you!

Anonymous said...

"The spy who wears lofters" OMG I cannot tell you the love for my ugg loafers, think the pr you bought in black suede with fur /sheepskin linning. I was so crazy happy that I found a shoe. Not quite as hip as yours but matter as They are approved by my doctor and I like ( Make that love) them. Improvement in my mental state on shoes ,that I once called ugly.No I am not hung up on that brand if others would like to make a flat with a fur lining , I would be singing their praises.Oh how I miss my heels ....Katie

Anonymous said...

I ordered the tortoise and the black pair. These are great!

Stephanie H.