Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Never Too Early... start thinking about your holiday party wardrobe!

Mostly I say this because I found this dress and I think we should ALL have one, because it's so gorgeous:

Isn't that lovely? It's by Yoanna Baraschi and you can find it at (I couldn't find a specific link for the dress, but I promise it's there!)

Seriously, I think this is a nearly perfect party dress.

Look how easy that is -- elastic waistband, so you can eat lots of hors d'oeuvres and drink plenty of festive sparkly beverages. This is an LBD Plus -- a beautiful black dress with a gorgeous floral print that will make it stand out brilliantly in the sea of other dull LBDs at the party. (And you know there will be one -- let's start making book on the percentage of women in black at any given party you go to between Thanksgiving and New Year's. I'll bet it's a good 70%, especially in This Economy.)

This dress is not especially trendy or season-specific -- you could really wear this year-round and for several years to come. And would you just LOOK at this beautiful print!!

::sigh:: I'm so in love with this. And the great thing is how much fun it would be to accessorize. Afraid you'll be chilly in sleeveless? Top it off with a gorgeous jacket, there are lots out there.

(Click on photos for links!)

Ruby velvet from D&G that could do double-duty at the office, or even on the weekend with a pair of sharp jeans and some boots -- you'll wear this to shreds, I promise.

How about satin? So festive.

Karen ZAMBOS Micha Coat in Spinach

Oof, that's beautiful. Silk organza. That color is so unusual and pretty and this is oh-so-on-sale.

But it doesn't have to be color, black would work beautifully, too. The look this season is sequins, sequins everywhere. But I think a full-on sequined jacket would be too much with the print, so maybe just a touch on the lapels:

Re Collection Beaded Jacket

How about classic, wear-for-a-million years black velvet?

Women: Velvet blazer - Black

(From Banana Republic, so incredibly reasonable.)

This one made me gasp a little:

Women's apparel: Free People Military Ruffle Jacket - Black

Ooooooh, my goodness. If you don't love that, you have no heart. (Also, not crazy expensive.)

If you are going to wear a black jacket, at least pleaseI'mbeggingyou wear a brightly-colored shoe.

Women's shoes & accessories: Michael Antonio Lea - Purple
These are adorable and they are a STEAL.

Women's shoes & accessories: Charles by Charles David Pompadour - Magenta
The shape on these is classic sex-kitten, and the price is great for a good pair of drop-dead party shoes that will never go out of style.

Nine West - Vishnu (Red/Medium Orange) - Footwear

Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!! Sparkly!!!!!!! Style Spy loves her some sparkly! These are Nine West so they're also super-reasonable (and they come in some other fun colors).

Plan on doing some dancing at your holiday party?

Via Spiga - Boost (Platino Star) - Footwear

How about these great gold wedges with a t-strap? Nice and stable, and they'll stay on your feet while you do the Charleston. (Or the merengue. Or the Hustle.) Plus -- on sale!

Every woman needs a dress like this in her wardrobe. I don't necessarily mean this dress specifically, but a dress that can be worn different ways in different seasons for a good many years to come. Most of us do have them and mostly they're LBDs. And that's great -- une petite robe noir has gotten all of us all through a sticky fashion situation at one time or another. But isn't it time to branch out a little? My personal challenge for everyone is to try to resist the impulse to buy one more black dress -- next time you're shopping for something special, see if you can't score a color or a pattern that lights you up and makes you smile. It takes a little more work -- the world is filled with black dresses and yes, some of them are truly great -- but it's worth it to not disappear into the crowd. Let's make this as bright and colorful a holiday season as we can this year -- it's been a rough one and we deserve some cheer.

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Belle de Ville said...

Love the red velvet jacket for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

StyleSpy, you read my mind! I had already decided not to do black for this year's company party. Too many LBDs there every year. Perhaps something in a platinum or deep cornflower blue. I'm fortunate in that I sew and make most of my own dresses so can choose the specific color of silk dupioni I'd like. With my silver hair and blue eyes, it could be anything in the cool color families - and my guy likes me in cobalt blue, so there you go!

Anonymous said...

I have those Charles by Charles David Pompadours in bright blue suede and I luuuuuv them- and I think they look much more expensive than they actually are. Those burgundy ones are gorgeous too.

Deja Pseu said...

Love those velvet jackets! I've been on the lookout for one.

The dress is just a little too...uh...floral for me but if I can find something along those lines with a more modern or abstract pattern, I'm there!

My magpie brain loves the sparkles.

WendyB said...

Great finds. And I'm very anti-LBD for special events.

Anonymous said...



Duchesse said...

So many women say they 'hate prints' so I think you for ot of pedestrian prints out there but a beautiful one just vaults above.

Sara said...

Great suggestions, as always! I particularly liked the Victorian-style jacket with the ruffled lapel. The link for it didn't work. Would you let us know the brand and purchase info? Thanks!