Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time To Buy That Bedazzler

Because, seriously? These jeans?


Are ON SALE for over $5000. ($5437.00, to be precise.) And that price? Is 50% off.

Yes, they are super-cool. Yes, they are Balmain and apparently if you are a big-noise fashionista life is not worth living unless you have a closet full of Balmain these days. (I somehow seem to be soldiering along, but I'm strictly bush-league, I reckon.) And the work really is gorgeous. But come on.

It's starting to piss me off a bit, it really is. Honestly, I find the idea that there are $10K jeans out there, no matter how sparkly and fabulous, a wee bit insulting. (And I think we all know that expensive clothing as a general concept does not trouble me overmuch.) There's really no point in me being cheesed about it, I reckon, because it's not my money being spent and if someone wants to drop that much cash on pants who am I to judge? But it just seems like there's this whole tier of people in the fashion world who have absolutely no idea about what's going on in the rest of the world. Remember when a $500 shoe was absolutely out of this world expensive? I am routinely seeing shoes for twice that nowadays. Who is buying this stuff? All the news reports in the business are about how the stores are having to lower their inventories and put things on sale earlier, and yet what's coming into the stores continues to get more & more expensive. I don't get it.

Someone explain this to me. Please.

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kelly said...

I think the idea is to convince us that if the price is that high, it HAS to be some fabulous must-have.

I'm not buying it-in neither the literal nor figurative sense.

I, Goddess said...

Seriously? What are these embellished with, diamonds? It's a crazy, crazy world we live in.

Madame Suggia said...

Look, I love me some high-end gorgeousness as much as the next girl but really? $10k for a PAIR OF JEANS????? Just seems immoral somehow when there are children in the world-actually, here in the USA!!!-going to bed hungry tonight.
That doesn't mean I think we should all drag around in sackcloth & ashes until the world is a perfect place but really, these are beyond vulgar and aesthetically quite horrible.

CompassRose said...

Well, it's MARGINALLY better than Alexander Wang ripping up a bunch of thrift-store jeans, making cutoffs out of them, and then selling them for $400 or so (Canadian). At least these don't look as though they were broken in by hoboes before being offered for sale.

I have to admit, the luxe "destroyed" jeans piss me off more, especially when I see photos of more than one celebrity in the same brand, and notice that it's exactly the same "destruction"... which is how one can identify that so-and-so is wearing such and such, I guess.

This, I COULD think of more along the lines of Elsa Schiaparelli and the humble zipper.

Laura said...

$10,000? For pants?

Considering the other things I could get for $10K (hypothetically speaking of course, as I do not HAVE $10,000 just laying about) those pants should be able to:

Clean my house
Fill my brain with all kinds of interesting knowledge
Transport me to work, store, etc
Make me see God (ahem)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'm so over Balmain. And I don't even like these jeans.

dissed said...

The embellishment looks awkward, and I don't like them. They could be hand-stitched in spider-silk by elves using dragon-tooth needles, and I still wouldn't like them. $10,000 would be enough to lift me right out of the Fashion Impaired Category -- with plenty left over for jeans.

Frances said...

That is just vulgar. Things like this 'make my slappin' hand itch'. (I think that's a quote from Plumcake/God)

Belle de Ville said...

Who indeed is buying this stuff...the nouveau riche?

Duchesse said...

Anyone wondering why certain countries or cultures view Western society as decadent can just look at this.

EV said...

I'm sooooo with you, Thumbelina. Balmain seems to exist solely to show off that there are still SOME people in this world who can spend the equivalent of a new car on a piece of clothing so aggressively trendy it'll be out of style in two weeks.

Sooty'sformermum said...

Due to the easy availability these days of 'designer' items for us 'plebs' certain companies have to produce more and more outrageously expensive (and most times outrageously ghastly looking) items for those who bemoan their loss of 'exclusivity' in this world. If the common folk can afford it, the very rich no longer want it. It is to keep them feeling smug until the next 'exclusive due to its price' bandwagon comes along next week at which point these jeans will be kicked to the back of the closet. The type who buys these things has no taste, just too much money. Not bitter or anything, just sayin' ;)

Sister Wolf said...

Ooooh, hideous!