Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty For Friday -- October 23

Well, my version of pretty, anyway...

I'm just in love with these pants and have been for ages.


(click on all photos for links, as usual)

Slouchy deliciousness from Ann Demeulemeester's Spring 09 collection. They're on sale at LUISAVIAROMA.COM, although still well out of my range. I've been on the lookout for something in this vein for a while, though, including checking out men's pajamas.

I want to wear them with a superfine wool or cashmere t-shirt, something like this

Women: Merino wool scoopneck sweater - Berry

from Banana Republic, and then top it off with a nice looooooong slouchy cardi,

Women's apparel: Vince Dolman Cardigan - Heather carbon

like this one. (This is Vince . I have really come to love the clothes in this line -- they're mostly basics, well-made and not boring.) I am so feeling this long slouchy thing right now, I'm not quite sure where it comes from except that it feels very French to me and I'm pining for Paris in the worst way.

I'd wear the whole look with my brilliant Donald J. Pliner Haiden brogues, which are in danger of being worn to ribbons this fall -- I keep pulling them out of the closet and they keep being perfect with everything; buying those was an impulsive stroke of genius if I do say so myself. They still have them in Plum at and don't think I'm not mighty tempted by that knowledge, but if you think black might be more useful to you, you could do a lot worse than these little lovelies

Donald J Pliner - Hilda (Black Baby Calf) - Footwear

which are also Pliner and have the same shape, heel, and overall feeling. Dayum. Those are sharp. (And yes, to answer the inescapable question, they are comfortable. Pliner makes excellent shoes -- I wore those brogues and furniture shopped with my mom all day Saturday.)

This weekend is probably going to find me wearing some variation on the outfit above, although I'll have to do some improvising where the pants are concerned. How about you guys? What are you pulling out of the closet this wekeend?

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dana said...

Weekend = hanging with the kids = comfy, runnable shoes, high neck tops so no flashing occurs, and short sleeves, because I'm moving and lifting. This lately has translated into a graphic tee, jeans, and a pair of my Born boots, usually the red cowboys. Oh, and did I mention machine washable?

Those Pliner boots are adorable, and while i'd say comparable silhouette to yours, entirely different vibe. Yours are classic, those are classic rock. Both gorgeous.

Have a happy one, and tell all us mums about your glamorous events!

dot said...

Oh, they do look like such slouchy deliciousness!!

Definitely save your pennies and find some yummy men's flannel pj's. Underwear as outerwear, baby!


The Anthology said...

Oversized cardigans are the coziest, bestest ever. Love, love, love!

* Kelsey

selena said...

Oof. Those boots are good.

Belle de Ville said...

Love the long cardigans. They cover a multitude of sins.