Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Look For Us

We did a very good thing last night.

And how great did Michelle Obama look???


This dress is Narciso Rodriguez and I lurrrrve it. There's some dissension in the blogosphere about it, but I think it's great. I also think it's great the way the entire family is color-coordinated -- it appeals to my Inner Miss Matchy-Matchy. And I love that the girls are dressed like actual little girls and not like mini-models.


Another non-slouch in the beauty & style department, our new Second Lady, Jill Biden. Gorgeous woman, great classic taste in clothes. She always looks like a million bucks. Oh, I am very excited about these two, style-wise. American designers are going to be beating down the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years, begging these women to wear their clothes.


Handsome men in handsome suits. I'll cop to having had a bit of a crush on Joe Biden for years. Love the color of his tie.

Why am I talking about what they're wearing? It might seem shallow, given the historic nature of this election. There are far more important things to discuss, of course. But this is a fashion blog, and I don't allow myself to talk politics here.

So I'll just say this: America changed its clothes last night.

And we look fabulous.


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Deja Pseu said...

Hear, hear!!!

teteatete said...

I want desperately to say that I love Michelle Obama's dress, but I just can't. I love that she always wears figure-flattering shapes, and usually I'm a big fan of waist cinching styles...but somehow it doesn't work for me here. It's like a weird splatter-pattern gone awry.

I agree that the matchy-matchy is great and those little girls are adorable! I bet they can't wait to chase their new puppy through the rose garden.

benvenuta said...

Heartfelt congratulations from Europe! You made a truly fabulous fashion pick on Tuesday!


wouah ! Congratulation. It's amazing what you did. what a strong will. I wish to be as sting willed than you. But I'll do my best and will post my new pic, my new body, lol.

you have all my respect
i am very glad to have such readers like you
it means a lot for me.

cheers from Paris


Rhiannon said...

oh this is important. Who among us doesn't remember the heartbreak of Hilary's off-the-rack Donna Karan "cold shoulder" inaugural gown?

LeeLee said...

I dearly wanted to like Michelle Obama's dress, too. I just can't. I was at the event Tuesday night, and even from 150 feet, the dress was a bit distracting. It wasn't awful, it was just a touch more odd than it was fabulous.

But she could wear a potato sack and make it look okay.