Sunday, November 30, 2008

Love It or Hate It?

So I was toodling around on the other day when I found this:


My first thought was, Oh, how fun! My second thought was, Oh, how tragic! I mean, I know people are going to shriek about emphasizing the danger areas and all that, but my feeling is that the shape of this is so very over the top that no one would ever mistake that for the wearer's actual hips. So I do think the playing with proportion is kind of fun. I loathe the color, of course, and my first instinct was to think it ought to be red (which is my usual go-to color), but I guess that would be a little obvious, wouldn't it? Heaven knows I admire a lot of risky fashion, On the other hand, this lacks the kind of intelligent wit that you find in work by people like Rei Kawakubo.

So I'll put it to you. Do you love it? Or do you hate it? Vote in the poll I've posted up in the right corner and tell me what you think.

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Deja Pseu said...

I agree this really needs some color to work.

Anonymous said...

Love, love the shape of this dress! The complaint that is frequently made by Project Runway judges is that "it makes her look big just where you don't want...blah blah blah" I find that really annoying. Who cannot tell the difference between a sculptural dress and a big derriere?? It's comments like this that keeps Oscars night so boring-- nobody is willing to take a risk anymore.
The color would work perhaps with very dark skin, not so much for anyone else.
Car in Utah

Tellicherry said...

I don't know - it really reminds me of my Homecoming dress circa 1989. Except that dress was hot pink so I don't know that color would improve this shape.

Anonymous said...

Love the top on you , bottom is for me I need hips. It really depends on how it looks on you ? Is something I can't see,so call me iffy on the dress. Katie