Monday, November 24, 2008

The Want Monster Grumbles

There's a sale at Nordstrom (There's seemingly a sale EVERYWHERE right now, which I guess is the up side of a drowning economy.) and I want this:


Sadly, it is not on sale enough, and so I can't have it, but omigoodness, do I want it. I want to wear it just like that, with colored tights and my big crazy Marni platform sandals.

(Maybe not these tights, but you get the idea.)

I also want to wear it as a tunic over cropped skinny black pants, with my purple velvet YSL pumps.

Quelle parfait...

Alas and alack, no gorgeous, dreamy, perfect, cuddly-yet-chic Missoni sweater dress for me. But a gal can dream...

Photos:, Style Spy

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1 comment:

dana said...

I've been dyin' over those Missoni shifts at Nordstrom, too, style. But not on this budget, either! C'est la vie.