Saturday, November 29, 2008

If You Like It...

I don't usually do this, because it has next to nothing to do with fashion, but this pop culture nugget that has apparently been around for some time just now made its way into my consciousness and it has me by the throat. No waifs here -- these are ass-kickin' ladies and they are sexy as hell. Be warned if you haven't seen this yet: I'm about to give you the Earworm From Hell -- you'll never get it out of your head.

Dayum. I need to work on my glutes. Lots & lots of squats tomorrow...

But, gracious! That is genius choreography, and the music is dangerously infectious. If that doesn't make you want to shake the ol' booty, or at least bob your head to the beat, you might be dead. I've made fun of Beyoncé & her mother's "design" efforts here before, but I gotta give it up for this. And man oh man -- those girls' bodies are positively aspirational. I spend a good deal of my time looking at models in fashion magazines and websites, and those 6-foot 110-pound tentpoles (some of which are very beautiful, I'll grant you) are great for hanging clothes on, but these gals? Fantastic. The most beautiful thing about any woman's body, no matter what her shape or age, is the use & joy she gets out of it -- whether it's dancing or running or embracing the love of your life or just carrying your baby across the room. You have to live in your body for it to be truly beautiful, not just drape fabric on it.

Seriously. Lots & lots of squats.

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