Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unexpected Underwear

I was in Nordstrom last weekend and I swear I wasn't shopping for me, and I swear I wasn't shopping for a bra. But. When you're my size, bra-wise (32A), there are usually approximately three bras in any given department store that might actually fit you. (I cannot express how much I envy all you 34Cs -- when I swan through the lingerie depart it seems that all I see are 34Cs, a veritable lacy, elasticized forest of them.) So when you find one, especially if it's cute, you try it on. And if it fits, you buy it. Right now. You smack your cash on the barrelhead and say, "Wrap it up!" You don't wait for it to go on sale, you don't figure you'll go home & check to see if you find it online for less, you just buy it. Because like I said, there are six of them available in the entire country, so you'd better nab this one the moment you get your sweaty mitts on it.

Bras are the one thing I buy full price. I do not bargain-shop for bras. Clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, even panties -- all of those things I will watch & wait for a sale. But bras I just buy. Am I a little resentful about that? Well, yeah, but I had to get over it. The 34Cs of the world can wait until the sale to buy their bras -- there are squillions of 'em and they're always going to be able to find one. Me? I gotta snap 'em up.

At any rate, as I was tooling through Nordstrom, I saw this little Wacoal number hanging there and I nearly swooned.

And it was even better, because it was red!!

Click on this photo to buy this in black or cream at Sadly, I cannot seem to find the red one anywhere online, even on the Wacoal website. But the black & cream are both great. Those ribbon details? Tiny satin gingham ribbon. So cute! And even better -- it's convertible! It can be strapless or a halter as well as a regular bra. LOVE!

If you click on this image


You can get it from for $29.40, which is very on sale. However, there are very limited sizes available.

Speaking of Fig Leaves, they're actually having a big ol' sale, so go check it out. They have great stuff, like this wonderful all-purpose bra from Wacoal.


(No, I don't get a kickback from Wacoal. I'm just a huge fan of their bras. They're brilliant for us petites.)

So, go! Shop!!

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Karen said...

Up here in NYC, we have the profound advantage of access to Orchard Corset, down on the Lower East Side. There, a lovely, motherly Orthodox Jewish woman will make you turn around, reach out and honk one breast, and then tell you EXACTLY what your correct bra size is. She will then pull out all the ones she thinks you'll like, and fit them on you herself. Bonus? They're all half-price.

You really do walk out of there looking like you lost 10 pounds.

Duchesse said...

I love Wacoal bras, and I'm at the opposite end of the range! Style Spy, do you know Alice Cadolle in Paris? WHen you are there next, you would be in bra heaven.

LeeLee said...

I'm petite - 30 D- yes, a 30, and I do well with Chantelle. Their 32s fit much smaller than other brands, so I'm able to wear them. When I lived near Austin, I bought them at Petticoat Fair.

I wear a AA or AAA shoe, so I can't buy bras or shoes on sale. It's tragic, really.

Robo said...

Thanks for the FigLeaves sale tip! My trusty Fantasie t-shirt bra was in dire need of replacing.

Karen, I totally snort-laughed when I read your description of the Jewish woman honking the boobs!

Anonymous said...

Oh you are not going to like this but I have never really worn a bra!I am the petite that can't get the cups high enough or cut close enought together ( it has something to do with me being tiny) I am a C/D cup so I keep trying. I ran across the new underwire Spanx bra, a week or so ago it has padding but nicely shaped if you get my meaning. Front close ,nice comfortable back and expensive. But I think you might love it , as it gives a nice shape and I bet on a A it just might be a perfect answer. Give it a try and see. Please do not envy us C/D ones I would lend you mine ( which are really quite nice, I have been told LOL) for a week or so and you would see why A is a great size!! Katie

StyleSpy said...

Karen -- while I'm not sure I'm down with the "honking," I'm certainly in favor of a good fitting and an SA who knows her way around an underwire. It makes a huge difference. Perhaps I'll pay a visit to this store when I'm in NYC in May.

Duchesse, I haven't allowed myself in Alice Cadolle -- that place is a lacy invitation to bankruptcy for Style Spy!

LeeLee -- You have all my sympathies on the narrow foot front. My mother is a narrow, and I have watched her struggle my whole life to find nice, reasonably-priced shoes that fit.

Robo -- Hooray! Always happy to help replenish the ol' underwear drawer.

K -- the only time I mind being an A is when there aren't any bras that fit me. Also, see Robo's comments about size 30 bras.

Anonymous said...

Back at you A, Oh dear, I know you do not mind being a A cup. I meant to say all cups have the same problems with Bra's , it's plot I tell you ! Yes, a plot to have 20 or so bra's in our cupboards that do not fit well. I stand fast in my cami! K.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Lula Lu? It is a Bay Area store that specializes in "petite" lingerie and also sells on the Web. It stocks the Wacoal bras you like and lots of other styles that actually fit those of us who are A and (ahem) AA cups.