Friday, July 17, 2009

Catch Some Rays

For some reason, the other day I woke up convinced I need a pair of sunshine yellow sandals. I think I'm blaming this on the English Rose, who sent me a link to a pair of adorable yellow sandals that she bought not long ago.

(Speaking of which -- if anyone has any ideas on how to get red wine out of yellow suede, the Rose and I are all ears.)

How cute are those? They're from Jonathan Kelsey and she bought them in London. I couldn't find them anywhere here, so sorry for getting your hopes up. They do carry a selection of his shoes at Saks, including a wicked hot pair of black shoe-bootie type things that are extremely on sale right now and that could find a very happy home in my closet.

Anyhoodle, me being me, I figured that if I want yellow sandals, then you must want yellow sandals, too! Right? Of course!! So here are some.

Dr. Scholl's - Navigate (Yellow) - Footwear

A classic espadrille from Dr. Scholl's, of all people, and you won't believe how cheap they are!

I really like the combination of yellow and natural leathers.

Giada Sandal - Yellow

Flat & fancy. And fun.

MAXSTUDIO - Estee (Yellow) - Footwear

Cute with a denim skirt.

Kenneth Cole Reaction - I Crave Gem (Citrine Leather) - Footwear

Great runnin' around shoe with a rubber sole.
Women's shoes: Joseph Griffin Fallbrook - Mustard and gray
Yellow and gray -- intriguing combination.

Nine West - Rosmarie (Yellow Satin) - Footwear

These are almost good, but the flower on the toe looks too much like a bunch of cantaloupe seeds & kinda skeeves me out.

See? Cantaloupe seeds!

Great shoe. I like the idea of these with a nice air of khaki bermudas & a breezy white blouse, topped with a big-brimmed straw hat.

Haight Ashbury - Yellow

So super cute -- I would love to wear these to a garden wedding.

These are from Barefoot Tess, which means they come in large sizes only. Cute classic little thong.

Delman - Star-SK (Yellow Snake) - Footwear

Another great, simple, classic silhouette, without the thingie between the toes (which I happen to loathe.)

Cole Haan - Air Danni Sandal (Sunshine Patent) - Footwear

Completely in love with these. Great sandal in a slew of colors, with Nike Air technology & a cushy rubber sole. Doing any traveling this summer? Thee would be perfect.

Bandolino - Nevina (Dark Yellow Leather) - Footwear

Fantastic. Love the covered wedge and the tortoise links. Crazy about these.

So there you have it -- a little sunshine below the ankles!

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CompassRose said...

The yellow sandals I wanted were the Fluevog Haight Ashburys in Goldenrod. I was all set to buy them when they finally went on sale, and opened the site to find them sold out in Canada and available in the US only.

I'm still bitter about it, and no other yellow sandals will do for me. They would have added such a mischievous touch of authority to a summer outfit!

The Anthology said...

I need new sandals! My puppy's now eaten my two favourite pairs. Love all of these.

Yeesh. I need to go shopping.

The Haute-Shopper said...

I had no idea Jonathan Kelsey made flats as well... those sandals are gorgeous! Unfortunately yellow is the one color that doesn't really suit me for some reason. Love all your picks though! Those cantaloupe seeds are a pretty nifty accessory as well ;-)

Perfumeshrine said...

What a nice looking selection! I am happy to have found out your venue.
I especially love the striped wedges (very Saint-Tropez!) and the yellow and grey flat sandals. As to the cantaloupe seeds, you're 100% right: they do like them!! (uncanny)

dissed said...

White wine will remove red wine. On suede? If they're ruined anyway, you might give it a try, just a little at a time with a q-tip, then brush lightly with the suede brush.

Duchesse said...

Fear you have to dye the suede to cover the stains, so you NEED more yellow sandals. I've noticed tons of yellow shoes this summer and you have shown the very best, thanks!

dana said...

I'm all over the Camper Danae 20944 low heel in yellow and white patent. Why, I have no idea. They're on sale at, limited sizes.

littlemissme said...

Seychelles has a great yellow shoe right now...a yellow wedge (wooden on bottom) with a round toe and a button on it! It's not a sandal but I'm dying for it at the moment. Keep telling myself it's too early to buy fall shoes!!