Friday, July 31, 2009

Points For Humor

Oh, my freaky friend, sometimes I love you in spite of myself...

This bag is made by Naco Paris and is available on Arty Dandy, a French website. I'm not sure what their policy is on shipping to the US, but there is an address where you can write them and query. There is also a t-shirt in this design. They aren't cheap, but they are hilarious.

Whatever you think of Kaiser Karl, you have got to give him credit for a sense of humor here. While I'm not sure I ever want to sit down and have dinner with him (or even a quick drink), I must admit -- I'm glad there is a Karl Lagerfeld in the world. I appreciate what he does for Chanel more than I love it, if you know what I mean; but I just adore his work for Fendi and his own line, and I think those are a better representation of who he is deep down as a designer. Bottom line, Karl Lagerfeld flies his freak flag high and proud, and I love that about him.

Hope everyone has a great, freaky, hilarious weekend!


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dana said...

Yes to Karl!

And happy birthday, darling Style. If the actual day is today, you share it with my husband and Harry Potter. Many happy returns!

StyleSpy said...

Oh, Dana, you're so sweet. My birthday is actually in mid-August. I've just been so whiny that I'm already talking about it! But HB to your DH! Also, I don't think I knew Harry Potter was a Leo. Huh.

Belle de Ville said...

Yes, Karl is a crack up.

Duchesse said...

Fashion is primarily about itself, just like television. When I read that you are amused, I think of you as a generous person of good will.