Thursday, July 19, 2007

Making Do

So what do we think of these?


I just got the catalog for the Nordstoms sale and they were in them. They don't have quite the same feel as the Miu Mius, but they're certainly in the neighborhood, and a fraction of the price. And if I get the ones that are a fraction of the price, I could potentially also get this:

(Maxx New York)

which is also at Nordstrom and hopefully on sale as well. (Also, pretty darned cute and I have been a-hankerin' for a red patent bag.) My problem is that I've had a few pairs of BCBG shoes and while they're decent quality and usually quite cute, they've all been really rough on my feet. Also, I'm afraid they're not... quite. I may be ruined forever by the Miu Mius.

These would have done me quite nicely:

(Stuart Weitzman)

but they're only available in black or brown suede. Not what I'm after.

It is truly hard for me to believe that every shoe manufacturer on the planet has not heard my piteous wailing after red patent ankle boots and instantly responded with alternatives. I'm a little hurt, frankly. Is this any way for the Shoeniverse to treat someone as devoted as myself? I think not.

So, what do we think, people? My inclination right now is to go ahead & order the BCBGirls and see how they are up close & personal. I can always give them back, right?

A personal note (who are we kidding, this whole post was a personal note): I'm getting my foot fixed tomorrow. After about 1:00 pm, my plantar fasciitis will no longer plague me and I can wear whatever shoe I want whenever I want to. (After the first two weeks of recovery in a surgical shoe and then sneakers, of course. THAT is the part I dread. Seriously -- I have dinner plans at a nice place this Sunday. I can't believe I have to wear one of those silly things out in public. It will be infinitely more painful than the foot itself. I may have to get drunk to even leave the house...) At any rate, you may not hear from me for a few days -- evidently there are painkillers involved in this whole endeavor and I think it would be ill-advised to post while I was high.

Photos: Nordstrom,

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deb-ct said...

My vote is with the BCBG's...which would also entail the cute bag of course! And also...a bouquet of good wishes and cyber-daisys to you. Good luck with the surgery.

Jen said...

If they might be rough on your feet, and they certainly lack something that the Miu Miu's have, I'd say pass.

Good luck on the surgery.

Vicki said...

I know your surgery is TOMORROW and all, but my husband kicked (ha!) his plantar fasciitis with a crazy boot he had to wear to sleep, keeping his foot at a 90 degree angle. He also has orthotics in all his shoes. Sadly, I don't think you could find orthotics for the shoes you show here (I LOVE your taste and your blog by the way!), but perhaps it's a non-surgical option?
Whatever you choose, I wish you good luck on the outcome. And I envy your shoe collection :)

jenmarie said...

FABULOUS BOOTS!!! I am a girl that can appreciate a beautiful red anything!! LOVE THE BAG...I may have to look into it myself...
I know the shoe fairy will be keeping her eye on you and your foot during surgery... I know all will go well. Be prepared all the "fun shops" to dress up the feet, for the queen of shoes will be back in business, and ready to strut her stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Aim in all truth I think you need thin ankles like myself to wear this type. I bought a pr and I did it to make my ankles look heavier . Good Luck K

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you for your surgery--happy healing!!!!