Friday, July 6, 2007

A Style Reminder

For the record:

This is jewelry.


Oh. My. God. These things enrage me. I want to yank them out of peoples' ears and shove them up their noses while seething, "Can you hear me NOW????" Not only are they horrifying to look at (What are you? The Borg?), but they are the very height of self-involved rudeness. "I am SO important that I must at any moment be ready to ignore you in order to listen to the voice in my ear." People are actually wearing these things while they're out socializing with their friends -- I see people in bars with these giant silvery cockroaches glued to the sides of their heads while they drink beer & talk to their buddies. (These are even worse -- far worse -- than having your cell phone clipped to your belt like some sort of geeky high-tech weapon in the Wild Wild iWest.) My response, whenever someone speaks to me while wearing one of these wretched devices, is to look puzzled and frown and not respond until they have to repeat themselves and then I say, "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you talking to me? Or someone on your earphone? It's hard to tell."

I understand the convenience of them, and I really don't have a problem with someone in an office using one of these to talk while leaving her hands free. It is a useful tool. But it is exactly that -- a tool. It is not an accessory, it is not a decoration. So please, I'm begging you -- take these things out of your ears. They're awful.

And besides -- they distract from your earrings.


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Fashion Chick NYC said...

Amen to that! I hate those things, too.

deb-ct said...

I just can't shake the image of William Shatner and Lt. Uhuru when I see them. But,as invaluable as they are to all of us, the cellphone itself (aside from the cockroach ear piece), has introduced us to a whole new level of rudeness. Is there any hope for a cure?

Anonymous said...

AND--people walking through airports,etc. with them look totally schizophrenic. It's creepy. What next?