Monday, July 16, 2007

More Things I Didn't Know I Needed

Continuing on with my avaricious coverage of the Fall 2007 Couture Collections, I bring you a few more things I may or may not (probably not) be able to live without:

#1: A patent leather beret.

(Also, Helena Christenson's cheekbones & cleavage wouldn't hurt)

This is from Dior. I do like hats, I wear them, although they do regrettable things to my curlycurly hair. (If you're me and you put on a hat, you're committed to the hat for the duration. Because when I take off the hat, my hair behaves as though it's still wearing the hat. Someone with stick-straight hair was complaining to me the other day about how she can't wear hats because her hat head is so terrible and I looked at her like she had three... well, heads. Was she kidding me?? How could it make any difference? Me, on the other hand -- I look like some weird topiary shrub after I've worn a hat for a while. But I digress...) I'm very taken with this hat, I think it's adorable. I also love pretty much all things patent leather, although I predict this little chapeau may mark the apex of the patent leather trend -- there's pretty much nothing left to make out of it, so I think the pendulum will swing back in the other direction. This means snap up all the patent you can find while it's out there, because it won't be around forever.

#2: This dress

(Lefranc Ferrant)

I just love this. (But not the puffball headgear.) I love the idea of a long, easy shirtdress, that skirt whipping around your feet as you waltz around your fabulous penthouse apartment making sure all your friends' wine glasses are full. So elegant, so cozy.

#3: Long leather gloves

(Lefranc Ferrant)

Because they're just cool. Admit it, there's something very sexy about an elbow-length glove, especially a leather one. Also, since I think the bracelet-sleeve coat is still going to be around this winter, they're practical. I picked up a black pair last year and I really love them, but this year I think I need them in colors:

(Valentino -- gloves AND feathers! Heaven!)


I'm still eating my heart out about the gray patent leather ones I saw on sale at Saks last winter and didn't buy. Look at these with all the fabulous buttons:

(Nicolas le Cauchois)

#4: A gorgeous little jeweled evening minaudiere. I just can't think of anything more glamorous. (These are all from Valentino. Mr. Valentino is responsible for quite a lot of acquisitive impulses on my part this season, and I suspect I won't be alone in that.)

#5: I'm really not at all sure what's going on with these but I love them anyway

(Jean Paul Gaultier)


And finally, since I'm asking for stuff, how about this guy:

He closed the show at Dior. I feel he would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe, don't you?


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benvenuta said...

What you don`t need is Helena Christensen`s makeup.

The picture with Dior gloves - that dress must be fabulous! Do you have a link to a picture of the whole dress?

The gentleman in gold looks like he comes from David Lynch`s Dune or somwhere.
I`m not sure he`s worth the money. He might look good on a hanger, but would be very difficult to wear. What would you wear with him as an accessory?

StyleSpy said...

The makeup for this show was extremely theatrical -- so, yeah, that's not what you'd call an everyday look.

Here's a link to the photos of the entire Dior show, which I highly rec checking it -- it was a jaw-dropper.

Anonymous said...

heh heh I want to add the guy onto my wardrobe as well...

jenmarie said...

Love the gloves..I need to find some, but can you really wear them in Austin, TX?? It does not get that cold here...

jenmarie said...

The gloves are HOT!! I need to have some! Not sure how much use here in Austin, TX though....

Icy said...

The #2 dress is amazing! It looks like a flannel shirt, but so elegant! I totally want one.

Queen of Suburbia T-Shirts said...

I love that dress as well, not a big fan of the checker pattern, but the styling is great.