Friday, July 13, 2007

Wonder Drug

The shoes below are all from the Fall 2007 Valentino Haute Couture show. (This show, by the way, was absolutely stunning. It's a celebration of Valentino's 45 years of designing, and the entire thing was beyond beautiful. Be sure to check it out.)

These are the sorts of shoes that should come with warning labels and lists of potential side effects.

Warning: may cause sashaying, seductiveness, rampant flirtation, and uncontrollable giggling.

Exposure to shoes may bring on sudden, intense fits of envy which may be followed by delusional conspiracies to commit crimes against person wearing shoes, or absentmindedness characterized by persistent daydreaming about a relationship with shoes.

Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery, light machinery or even open the door to a four-star restaurant while wearing shoes.

Exposure may cause lightheadedness leading to intoxication and euphoria.

Best administered with champagne. Valet parking required.

I'm pretty sure that when my podiatrist told me to wears heels as much as possible he was talking about these, and yet they do not appear to be on my insurance company's list of approved drugs. I'm going to need to speak with someone about that, stat.


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Anonymous said...

So gorgeous ....but was that doctor tied & bound-up ,by you. Mine says completely flat are not good for your feet but one inch to one and one-half is the healthy good height.Sorry to hear you are being operated on,and I do hope you are healed by Aug 13!You did say you will have to wear a low shoe,while recuperating,so sorry to know that as it will hurt more to wear them than all the pain of the foot being fixed. Keep on dreaming K

Princess Poochie said...

I love them! Especially the colour of the last pair and the "notice-me" soles.

You knew they had to go somewhere new with them because of all of the knocking-off of Louboutin's red soles.

I won't be able to sleep until I get those last pair.

Super-shopper - please find them for us to buy!


Trina said...

*gasp* I NEED shoes with rhinestones on the soles!!!

WinterWheat said...

My my my... hey, is that a run in her hose?

StyleSpy said...

T -- Darling, we ALL need those shoes. They should come automatically, with your social security number.

Lisa said...

Oh my... I must find those shoes. The last pair, red...oooh... rhinestones on the on the soles... that's probably not legal in several states.

benvenuta said...

Ooh! Those make me want to learn to walk on heels higher than 6 cm! Stunning!

Are stockings with runs fashionable now?

r sorrell said...

If they were covered on your health plan, you'd have an outrageous monthly premium.

Philipp said...

Gorgeous shoes! My favourite pair are the golden sandals (the first pair) but the others are also very elegant and sexy.

You propse that women should get money to buy more shoes? Well if you buy such gorgeous shoes like these I would not mind...

Have a nice day

tmp00 said...


Love the sparkly soles..

StyleSpy said...

I don't think those are runs in the model's pantyhose -- it appears to be an ornamental gold seam or stripe down the back of the leg. Pretty.