Monday, July 23, 2007

Throwing Focus

There's a term in theater -- "throwing focus." It's when you direct attention away from something you don't want the audience to pay attention to to something you do. Since this is the state of my foot:

(Shine doesn't like it. It's too clunky & a little scary.)

I figure I need to emphasize some other part of me right now, huh? (It's better than it was -- I've managed to rub off some of the gorgeous orange Betadine that covered every millimeter of skin and I painted my toenails last night.) Don't get me wrong, I'm used to people looking at my feet, but it's usually for happier reasons.

At any rate, it's got me thinking about my other limbs, so I went tooling around online (which is the only way I could tool around for a couple of days) looking at some nifty rings. Click on the photos for links.

Nifty clear lucite -- goes with everything, and a great price!

Carved red lucite by Alexis Bittar, who does super-cool stuff. I have a glass ring that's similar:

I just love that big, bright jolt of color.

This one has my birthstone -- peridot.

It comes with the stones in other colors, also. I think I really like this, but the dangly bits might be bothersome. I'd have to try it on.

Great enamel, also comes in other colors. I also have one a lot like this, that I bought at my favorite jewelry store in Paris

called Aventurine on the rue Francs Bourgeois in the Marais. I adore this ring -- you can't see all the detail in it, but it's a beautiful example of how good French enamel is.

This one is wonderfully sparkly, and reminds me of yet another of mine:

I got this one at Agatha in Paris -- still more fantastic French costume jewelry.

This is just cooool. Classic and geometric, but still has a handmade vibe about it. It's a real amethyst, and it's also on sale!

This is by the amazing Robert Lee Morris -- the guy who does all Donna Karan's jewelry and accessories, including the bottle for her latest perfume. I adore his jewelry -- it's sculptural and sensuous and statement-y. It's also pretty pricey, so I'll be waiting a long time to add any to the collection, sadly.

Not so humongous as the others, with a more delicate feel. Also on sale.

Very Chanel-y, for a much more reasonable price. We heart Kenneth Jay Lane, he does great costume jewelry.

This next one is driving me to distraction because I waaaaaaaant it.

Enormous lucite paisley with gold. Good googly-moogly, I'm completely smitten with this.

Isn't it gorgeous?? And it's really not that spendy -- only 60 bucks! I'm thinking this may need to be a birthday present to myself...

So, this is how I've been distracting myself the last few days. Things are actually going really well with the foot, but it was a great excuse to spend hours window shopping online.

Speaking of shopping: Nordstrom's anniversary sale is on now. I gimped myself up there yesterday & bought a couple of new bras, including one by Felina that is almost exactly like the Wacoal I featured here, with the added bonus of some pretty embroidery, two other colors, and matching underpants. I highly rec. I also got a chance to check out the potential substitute boots and I've decided against them. They just aren't... quite. Ah, well. The search continues.

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Colombina (Marina) said...

I hope your foot gets better soon!
Those are some fab rings. You said your stone is peridot, are you a Leo too by any chance? :-)

StyleSpy said...

Oui, bien sûr, I am a great big Leo! Meeeee-ow!

Trina said...

Cute & fun stuff! Must ask - what color is that fabulous polish on your toes?

StyleSpy said...

T-- toes are wearing Essie Berry Hard, which is actually darker than it looks in photo, due to flash. Fingers are wearing OPI Got the Blues for Red, which is my current favorite red -- perfect.