Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shocking for Monday

Would you just look at this shoe?

Isn't that pretty? That's not just pretty -- that's downright hot! Classic black patent pump with the added fillip of the high mary jane strap -- and look at that sexysexy lowcut side and toe cleavage. Really gorgeous. Imagine those with a little pencil skirt and a tie-necked blouse -- very Naughty Secretary, very hot. This is the sort of shoe that men actually notice and when they compliment you on them they actually mean it, as opposed to reciting some line from "The Rules for Men" (if there is such a thing) in an effort to override your common sense and better judgment.

Now sit down.

This shoe is from Naturalizer!

I'm not kidding!! When I think Naturalizer, I think "sensible," I think "comfortable," I think -- forgive me -- "butt ugly." But I was shocked to see several pairs of very, very attractive shoes on that website, not to mention extremely reasonable prices (those beauties above go for a measly 79 bucks -- click for the link).

I feel awfully happy about being able to show you a really good-looking shoe for under $100, especially considering I tortured you with that Louboutin miracle on Friday, which retails for a cool $820. I felt guilty about that all weekend and I'm still tracking down some more reasonable alternatives -- I have had a long hard day slogging through the internets and I have found some things I'm going to show you tomorrow, but right now my clicking thumb is exhausted and I'm going to have a drink and watch "Bridezillas."


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Robin said...

Gah! New shoes. Wow. I had a lot of trouble realizing that these shoes and the word Naturalizer were related.

Trina said...

Actually, I think these are way prettier than the Louboutins! Are you getting yourself a pair?

StyleSpy said...

R -- if you get some, I really hope you'll send me a review.

T -- No, no shopping for me for a while.

Anonymous said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered those are from naturalizer! They remind me of my rupert sanderson mary janes but edgier. I wouldn't be caught dead in naturalizer shoes, but I must have them!I'm hitting all the department stores in search of those tomorrow!

and I was serious about almost falling out of my chair. I was fixing my skirt (I was taking a break at work shhhh)and wasn't completely in the seat, trying to read the post. Upon reading the news, my heel slipped and I almost landed out of the chair!

Your blog should come with a warning label!

StyleSpy said...

Anon -- you can order those shoes online from Naturalizer -- click the photo for a link.

Ninjarina said...

Wow, I'm willing to bet that there is no lateral support in that shoe. Probably a poor choice if one has wide feet.

It would look killer w/ a pair of cuban heel stockings though.9

Anonymous said...

That's wierd. I own four pairs of these in different colors but they are from Carlos Santana. I wonder who copied whom.