Monday, July 9, 2007


The lip, it quivers.

The eyes, they glisten with tears.

I am crushed. Devastated. Gobsmacked. How can this be? The people at Miu Miu have pulled a bait & switch on me! I feel like a toddler whose favorite stuffed toy was just yanked from her hands and tossed out the car window. Bye-bye, Mr. Bear!!!

I just received an e-mail from Lizette in Customer Searches at Prada. She sent me the product number for these boots that I have been daydreaming about for weeks now:

along with where I could buy them in black (Nieman's, Saks, Nordstrom) but, but, but...

"I am sorry to inform you that red is not available."



Why not available to Style Spy -- they were available enough to the people at Vogue, who got a picture of them and splashed them right there across the page for sensitive, loving souls such as myself to fall in love with!! Are you kidding me? -- I've already mapped out the trajectory of our relationship -- I have outfits planned!!! (Sadly, no, I am not kidding. My friends, this is who I am.) I was thinking I would take them with me to Paris in November -- how cute would I have been, sitting at a café, my black velvet stole wrapped nonchalantly around my shoulders, enjoying my verre de vin blanc, legs daintily crossed, with my red patent leather bootie dangling several inches above the cobblestones of rue de Buci?

Pretty damn cute, that's how cute!!

But no, it is not to be.

Honestly, I really feel quite hurt. Why would they do this? Obviously, if you show a boot as fantastic as that one a lot of people are going to want it. Why would you have a photo of it if you're not going to make it available? Why would you tease me like this???? I'm confused, I'm stung, I'm disillusioned. Next thing you know, someone is going to tell me there's no Santa Claus. Or Shoe Fairy.

Someone pet me, please. I feel like I might cry. Maybe I should go put on my new Manolos for a few minutes.

Photo: Vogue

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1 comment:

Robin said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Often they don't make the shoes I love in my (admittedly huge) size.