Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Eyes!!! My Eyes!!!

I'm still on the prowl for replacement booties for the Miu Mius. I'm seeing lots of great booties out there for fall, so I am hopeful; but today while I was roaming around on the Series of Tubes I came across a few pairs I wanted to warn you about. See, I saw the Harry Potter movie last night and (spoiler-ish alert) and took note of the way that Harry takes it upon himself to help his fellow students learn to defend themselves against the Dark Arts. Think of me as your Fashion Harry Potter, preparing you to ward off the likes of the following. I have provided links, God forgive me.

(Giuseppe Zanotti, who sometimes gets it right and sometimes really, really does not)

Good googly-moogly. Shoes for the unholy spawn of Victoria Beckham and the Yeti.

What the Wicked Witch of the West wears for a hot night out on the town. Because you can't always be wearin' them damn ruby slippers, girl!

Brown shoes with built-in blue corduroy ankle warmers. Golly. Why didn't someone come up with this sooner? Seriously, who does that??? Sometimes the best thing about these ridiculous shoes is the reviews that people have posted about them. Here's one for these:

"Love these, they are perfect for what I need them for."

The mind reels, trying to imagine exactly what that might be.

Shoes? Or office furniture? Who can say?

These shoes are from House of Dereon, the label designed by Beyoncé Knowles' mother Tina, a.k.a. the woman who thought that this

was a good idea. Knowing that, it's hard to be surprised by the explosion of bad going on with the shoes above. Honestly, it could be worse.

So. You've been warned. Be careful out there -- it isn't always pretty.

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Mrs. Hall said...

Beyonce's shoes from her "collection" are simply awful. Yet they are all over the Victoria Secret catalogue.

I think you should write a whole entry on celebrity 'designers'. For the most part, they are not designing anything.

The celebrity will often take a bunch of fabrics, furs and dyes, place them in a blender, and use the resulting pulp to mold a clothing item.(Case in point: J. LO!)

This is not fashion design; it is NOT a creative or visionary product. It is . . . crap.

This is a horrible trend and is doing our young and upcoming fashionistas a disservice!

We must spread the word! If the young ones keep buying these things, it will encourage more of it! It must be stopped!

Princess Poochie said...

I really can't stand that House of Whatever-it-is. Their stuff is always tacky and it is like they are LOOKING for ways to cram in more fur.

I mean do I need to wear pelts on my feet all the time? What is this, Clan of the Cave Bear?

Icy said...

Actually, I could total wear the "office furniture" shoes. So unusual!

Gail S said...

I'm trying to imagine what the office furniture booties must feel like when worn. Because it looks like all the pressure of the heel is directed right into the arch of the foot. Ouch!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beyonce's clothes are vile. Vile vile crocodile! Thats what Destiny's Child looks like in that last photo.

Trina said...


danilo said...

The House of Dereon shoes would be so Dada... except that Ma Beyonce seems to take herself even more seriously than the Dadaists did themselves.

Pretentious crap.