Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Balloon

If the gods continue to smile, it looks as though I will be in New York for a week at the beginning of May. I'm looking forward to this an awful lot. As I may have mentioned once or twice recently, I am in bone-deep need of a vacation, and being in New York always makes me happy. Amazingly, I have not been there for two years now, so I'm good & due for a visit. I will be museuming, retailing on a very minor level (probably only some perfume) and catching up with old friends, not least of which is the city itself. I thought, also, that I might like to meet some new friends, so I'm herewith floating the idea of a live-and-in-person meet & greet with anyone who might be interested. An opportunity to have a drink and chat with some of you who might be so kind as to take the time to come and meet me.

So if any of you (fellow bloggers, readers, Anna Wintour, Ralph Rucci, random dodgy men who like to buy expensive shoes for women you don't know...) think you might be interested, let me know in the comments section. As my travel plans firm up I'll keep you posted on the when & where. It will likely be somewhere in midtown, and also sometime mid-week. I have some more scheduling to do before I know for sure.

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Sara said...

I'm a longtime reader and fan and I'd certainly think it would be fun to meet you, if you have a spare moment while in NYC.

Princess Poochie said...

I'll be in NYC from May 14th - 19th. Are you going earlier than that?