Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pretty for Friday -- March 13

Today's Pretty for Friday is an all-accessory edition. Herewith, random items that made me twitch with delight. Click photos or hypertext for links.



Oh, goodness me. Oh, holy cow. There is no reason for these to exist except to be exquisite. My god, I want these for my black velvet McQueen shift dress. Oh, I could cry...

Goorin Brothers - India Blue (Khaki) - Hats

Bitchin' lid. Dark jeans, sharp white shirt, tailored jacket. Top it with that hat and you're not just good, you're impressive.
Amrita Singh 5 Piece Bangle Set
Bangles are really happening this season and this stack of five from Amrita Singh is especially gorgeous. I'm seriously considering these, I think they'd be a good costume jewelry investment.

Have a good weekend, everyone! May the retailing gods smile upon you!

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Anonymous said...

Those gloves are gorgeous...I feel your pain...couldn't some of that money Bernie Madoff stole be given to those who appreciate the beauty in fashion? :)


Belle de Ville said...

Uh...costume jewelry is never a good investment.
It falls apart, can't be repaired correctly and doesn't have intrinsic value. Estate jewelry is always a better investment.

Long after costume jewlery has broken, designer clothes have gone out of fashion and designer shoes have worn jewelry will still be wearable and in a pinch you can sell it for cash!

StyleSpy said...

Christine -- I just wish I had occasion to wear them...

Belle -- I mean "investment" in a very minor way -- those bangles are under $100. Splashing out for genuine jewels is not in my game plan at present, but if I spend 100 bucks on a good fake piece that I love & wear for a few years, I feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

I, Goddess said...

Those gloves! Oh, those gloves. They're already sold out, according to the link. I didn't even get a chance to ogle and dream and check my budget. Sigh...

I, Goddess said...

Ooooh, there are black gloves. Let's see 169.00 euro is $214.00...hmmm, maybe I can put off buying that new jewelry cabinet for a few months.

Anonymous said...

Style Spy,

With those gloves can't an event be made just so they could be worn? Saved for a wedding (anyone's) or just to a dinner?

I'm still drooling over them.

Love the bangles too..:)

Anonymous said...

You know. . .long gloves and hats and scarves. . .why do I have so much trouble pulling these off? (I mean feeling great wearing them, not actually "pulling" them off hahaha!)

Everytime I put a scarf on I become my grandma. Sigh. What I want to do is become a fashionable Parisian!


Anonymous said...

I will agree about costume jewellery,and even real jewellery not being a good investment. But for enhancemnt& beautyor just fun you can't beat it. Who has not jazzed up a LBD with a big gem (& it steals the show at the party.) Now I do not myself do not own any as I collect real jewellery . I certainly would not think twice about using it , if I had a nice bunch.Also it keeps one from buying real which in a way is a investment. LOL Katie