Friday, March 27, 2009

Further Befuddlement

Somebody help me out here.

I do not understand this ad:

Um, what????

That ad does not make me want to wear Diesel clothing. All it does is make me nervous about going over to that guy's house. "Gee, thanks, Sebastian, I appreciate the invite, but Saturday is the day I... uh... push back my cuticles."

I thought perhaps I just didn't have the context, and so I took a look at the Fall 09 Diesel Black Gold runway show.

Nope. Not helping.


Still not helping.

Droogs gooly down the runway in Diesel platties!

Right, then. Well, still confused about the advertising (but completely clear on how much I don't want to wear the clothes). I will entertain any & all theories or clues the rest of you might be able to provide.

You know what makes sense to me? This:

This gorgeous navy silk kimono jacket from YSL, which is part of an exclusive collection of YSL offered currently by Net-A-Porter. It's a kimono jacket. With a drawstring waist. And a notched collar. It shouldn't be right, but it is! It's so, SO right!!! (::insert whimpering noises here::)

Also chock-full of sense, a thing of Aristotelean beauty, nay -- perfection?

From the same collection. The day that came to live in my closet might be the day I stopped shopping. Seriously, what else would I need?

Okay. My world makes sense again. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Bonjour Madame said...

I don't get it either. Random violence in advertising ususally does not prompt me to purchase.

I have to say Style Spy, every time you start a post with the words "wherein style spy" or insert the word "nay" into your posts, it sends me into a tailspin of laughter. It is always funny! Love it.


Rhiannon said...

The whole campaign reminds me of my reaction to that Candies campaign that had Jenny McCarthy sitting on the toilet. I sort of tilted my head, went "huh. guess they're trying to shock me. okay."

It's just so tiresome and overt OH LOOK HOW SHOCKING I AM.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. On the plus side, I showed this ad to my 15 year old son who's been asking for Diesel jeans. He recoiled with a loud "ew" and when I told him it was an ad for Diesel, he said "that's pathetic".

Saving money via ads. Works for me!


Anonymous said...

Seems to me anyone who wants to look this way...can not afford to dress this way ....ya can't buy class , but sleazy is easy

StyleSpy said...

Madame -- interesting. I didn't find the ad so much violent as weird & confusing, but now that you say it...

Rhiannon -- We're so jaded. ::sigh::

Christine -- busy adding "family budget counselor" to my resumé. Thrilled to have helped!

Katie -- Unfortunately, you're right, sleazy is alarmingly easy. When I rule the world, cheap, trashy clothes will be much more expensive.

Icy said...

Ooh yes, kimono jacket and dress. SOOOO yes.