Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bauble-ing Along

Last weekend I wore my new Kenneth Jay Lane Garden Flower pendant to a party.

Kenneth Jay Lane Garden Flower Necklace

(IT'S ON SALE!! Click for link!!)

Not only did it make me smile, it made lots of other people smile, as well. I lost track of how many people mentioned & complimented it. The only thing better than wearing something that makes you happy is wearing something that makes other people happy, as well. I just felt like Little Mary Sunshine walking around with my fab little sparkly thang. Everyone should have a few pieces in her jewelry wardrobe that produce this feeling. So I hunted down a few suggestions for you.


Fabulously over the top, as we expect from Cavalli.

Lee Angel Jewelry Anouk Floral Bib Necklace

So cheerful, feminine without being girly, sweet without being cutesy. Love this.

Alkemie Jewelry Froggy Necklace

That is one cheery little amphibian.

Black and Gold Collar Necklace

Be prepared for everyone you meet to comment on your neckwear if you're out & about in this. Bet you lose count of how many people say, "That is SO COOL!'' I am crazy about this, crazymadbonkersinlove.

Kenneth Jay Lane Tassel Necklace

How often do you get to wear a tassel when you're not graduating from something. (Or performing burlesque?) Festive!

Bop Bijoux Tassel Necklace

Same idea, lower price point. Equally groovy.

Lee Angel Jewelry Pippa Bib Necklace

What a fun, colorful collection of beads & baubles & trinkets.

Kiki De Montparnasse Fringe Benefits Necklace

I am NUTS about this. They want $600 for it. I smell a DIY coming on.

Arcade Necklace

Multi-colored, multi-sized, fun faux gems. I'm also mad for this -- all the colors & sparkle & asymmetry are right in my wheelhouse. Great piece.

Millies Brandy Alexander Necklace

This looks like candy. Yum.

Lots of yum -- loads of pieces around that are humorous & interesting and can completely change up an outfit with the click of a clasp. Is it just me, or has costume jewelry gotten really good in the last couple of years? I've never really been much of one for so-called "fine jewelry." Sure, there are a lot of beautiful things out there, and I won't say I've never clicked through the Cartier website and sighed repeatedly, but with a few exceptions I honestly prefer big, fun, fake stuff. If you made the sorts of things I like out of actual gems, they'd be gaudy & vulgar; but if they're obviously costume they're a fashion statement, not just bad taste or a desire to advertise your personal wealth. I don't like bitsy jewelry, so little dangly diamonds (or cubic zirconias) just don't do it for me. Gimme a big honkin' piece of lucite any day.

How about you guys? What's your poison, jewelry-wise?

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Tellicherry said...

Accessories buyer here - I love anything handmade, large, and unusual. I'm really in to the artisan driven pieces.

Love the gold bib collar - I'm seeing quite a bit of that shape out there for fall. Also, lot of leather and other natural materials, agate geode and other non-traditional stones are still interesting.

Frances said...

Lovely necklace! So bright and fun.

I like large pieces, especially those with mixed vibes and textures. One of my favorites is a very dark green natural stone necklace, strung on dark green silk ribbon. And another darling with metal links and lilac and silver crystal.

rosarita said...

I just love your jewelry posts; we have very similar taste. I've admired that KJL piece since you first posted the pic - such a great gift. Yes, quality costume jewelry has made a resurgence in recent years which makes me very happy (not that I've ever worn anything small or dainty.) Easy to find lots of vintage stuff at a great price point in resale shops, *bay, etc. that look very current now.

Deja Pseu said...

I don't like really delicate jewelry or "mall jewelry" either, so the things that appeal most tend to be of the costume variety. Those are all great pieces, loving the frog especially!

Duchesse said...

Fun, funky and really great costume! Except Susan Hanover necklace, looks like someone uh, performed a bio function there.

see Aldo,
for the BLOUIN ring, a ring version of your pendant. I tried it on, it's huge, lively and perfect.

Denise said...

I love that fringe necklace, too! And I think you could totally DIY it. I never thought I was that interested in jewelry till I was in Delhi: holy cow. Those folks do up real gems in great, big, dazzling ways. I still dream of a pair of drop earrings with tons of semi-precious stones, like amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, topaz, all surrounded by vintage-y little frames of diamonds. I'd have to have a completely different lifestyle for those earrings, but they haunt my dreams.

dana said...

I know it's so 2004, but I'm loving the tangled chains. And the body chains. Tangled I wear, body not so much. I think I'd need a different body.

And is it me, or am I only now realizing, small jewelry = young women, big jewelry = mature woman of substance and style? At 40, I'm feeling a big crossover coming on.

WendyB said...

Ha ha...what's my poison? Everything!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I vary between small "real" stuff and large costume stuff. Personally I try to strike a nice balance between the two extremes. For example, I usually wear diamond studs (or emerald studs) for day with a large costume necklace.

That Cavalli horn necklace has my name on it!!

vee said...

I haven't commented in a while, but since we're talking my favorite subject...

I'm petite, and in love with big jewelry. I know, I know. I try to make it work by only wearing one piece at a time, and keeping the outfits relatively calm, so I'm not a riot of color and ruffles and such.

Years ago, my husband bought me a silver torque necklace inlaid with flat slabs of polished garnet that I adore, and is my favorite piece. It gets huge compliments, and I, too, feel like I'm spreading good will when I wear it. I'm still panting over tagua necklaces, but I will have to buy one for myself, since hubby dropped the ball on that one.

And I'm still in love with an Avon necklace my mom bought me as a kid. It's a gold dove with a letter in its mouth, and the letter has a red, heart-shaped stone. I put it on a longer chain, and when I wear it (and you better believe I still wear it!), I feel like I'm 6 years old, and all is right with the world.