Monday, August 24, 2009

Kiva Update

I have been very remiss in updating you all on the status of our Kiva clients, and for that I apologize.

Remember Sophia? Sophia needed a loan of $400 to fund her clothing & textile business in Tanzania, and thanks in large part to Team Style Spy members, she raised it pretty quickly. I'm happy to report that Sophia is doing well, her business is growing, and she's already begun re-paying her loan. Go, Sophia!!

Our other Kiva client, the beautiful Nourietou, needed $625 for her textile business, which Team Style Spy helped her raise. Nourietou has also started re-paying her loan. I tell ya, these women are amazing!

And so, I think it's time we took on another client! Let me introduce you to Toyin.

Toyin lives in Nigeria and needs a loan for her business selling sarong fabrics. If she can raise the money, she can buy the fabric in bulk, which will make her business more efficient and prevent her from having to travel away from her three children as frequently. Toyin has raised $625 of the $775 she needs, which means we only have to come up with another 150 bucks to get her on her way. I think we can do that, no problem. That's just six of us ponying up 25 bucks each -- surely we can do that without breaking a sweat.

So if you'd like to help out Toyin, click on her photo and it'll take you to Team Style Spy's Kiva page, where you can donate whatever amount works for you, and also get an update on our other loans. Kiva makes it incredibly easy to lend money -- it'll only take you a few minutes and you're helping someone change her life. Check it out.

If you'd like to learn more about empowering women, check out this Sunday's New York Times Magazine. The entire issue is devoted to women's rights and is filled with important information. It's definitely worth a read.

Let's go, Team Style Spy! Make it happen!!

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Belle de Ville said...

Kiva is a fantastic program. Thank you for posting about it.
Maybe some day we can all do a multiblog fundraiser for it.