Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Go Bananas

I'm very pleased to announce that the blog has a new affiliate -- Banana Republic! I'm quite happy about this. I know that BR is part of a big ol' conglomerate and I'm not usually a fan of the gigantor corporate entity, but dangit, they've just had really, consistently good design the past few years, and the quality for the price point is unbeatable. I'm always hesitant about buying things that are too recognizably "design-y" from BR, like a distinctive print, because the stores are ubiquitous and you're bound to run into yourself walking down a street or at a party someday. But as far as good, stylish basics go, they can't be beat. Ferinstance, I'm pretty smitten with this cardi:

Women: Short-sleeve belted cardigan - Black

(Click photos for links as usual.)

Trust me. You will wear the hell out of this. So cute over a printed blouse.

They've also had really good jewelry for a while now, at pretty decent prices:

Women: Locket bib necklace - Gold

That is a super-cool necklace and this fab cuff

Women: Petal cuff - Gold
which is right in Style Spy's wheelhouse, is on sale for a measly thirty bucks.

This dress greatly appeals

Women: Heritage eco-blend leopard dress - Bronzer

It's pretty subtle for an animal print, and it also comes in Petites.

I've also been really impressed with the quality of their handbags -- they look great in the stores, I'd love to hear from anyone who's bought one about how well they hold up. This fantastic blue tote

Women: Leather tote - Ocean teal 837

is only 100 bucks and I lovelovelove that. Such an amazing color!

They also have a couple of offshoot lines now -- BR Heritage, which does a lot of sustainable fabrics (mystical bamboo, perhaps) and BR Monogram, which appears to be their upper-end line, at slightly higher prices. This dress

BR Monogram: BR Monogram silk draped abstract dress - Gold light

is really wonderful. I love the asymmetric cut and that graphic is really gorgeous. That's a seriously good dress, and it's under $160.

Banana Republic is my go-to store for basic solid button-front blouses.

Women: Fitted non-iron shirt - White

The cuts are good, the construction is good, and the fabrics are really nice. Even at full-price they aren't bad but I usually keep an eagle eye peeled for a sale and then when that happens I scoop up a few. These shirts also come in petites and tall -- I think I'm going to try a tall size next time I get one, and see if that solves the long-waisted problem. (Of course, then the sleeves will probably be a foot too long, huh? Oy. My torso is a burden.) I'm also a big fan of their thin cotton t-shirts -- I think they do a great job with knits. I have a couple of their cotton/modal t-shirts and they're so soft that people pet me when I wear them.

The other great thing about shopping at Banana Republic is that, given the gigantor corporation status, is that you can also shop from Gap, Old Navy, and Piperlime and they'll count it all as one shipment. This is pretty nifty, actually, and could save a person a decent chunk of change on shipping charges.

So, go!!! Shop!!!

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Fritinancy said...

Two thumbs up for BR bags. I bought the Freeport Small Satchel in pewter back in April or May and have used it almost every single day since. (I'm very lazy about swapping bags.) It still looks new--no abrading or flaking of the metallic leather. It's the perfect size, the pewter color works with everything, and the price was definitely right ($170).

Wish I could share your enthusiasm about BR clothing.

Melissa said...

I love BR shirts--in fact your post reminded me that I got a teeny pen mark on my favorite 3/4 sleeve white one. . .so I look at their website and now all their white shirts are no-iron stretch. Ugh. That means hot and usually slightly itchy. Why would they stop making their basic, thin, soft, seamed perfectly, 100% cotton white shirts? Now where am I going to buy them?

Melissa said...

oooops! it's eat my words time. I just looked at the label of that favorite shirt and it is a blend! It's not no-iron. . .but maybe these new no-iron ones will be as soft and comfy as that one. Now I'll have to get one!

dot said...

I've always loved Banana Republic. And it's one of those chains that, unlike Gap, we couldn't get in the UK so it was a big deal to go to it in NY. I think it's in London now, tho.

What do you mean affiliate? How does that work? Well congratulations regardless, it can only be a good thing!

Thanks for your sweet thoughts re: Pooh. My husband can't believe I'm posting about that story. I just thought it was hilarious, in a really scary way.


Duchesse said...

Not the jewelry. No can do, not worth buying. Save for better quality.