Monday, August 10, 2009

Shoe Update & Shopportunity

Remember these?

Women's shoes/bags: Pierre Dumas Viviana - Gold
I ordered them a while back and I got 'em and I'll tell ya -- that was 27 well-spent dollars. These are great little shoes, even for very not-expensive shoes. These are not leather (which is what one has to expect when original retail is only 40 bucks) but it's a really good faux-leather. You have to look pretty closely to tell, way more closely than anyone is ever going to look at your shoes. (And if the faux-leather aspect of the shoe bothers you, I suggest you do some cognitive re-framing and think of them as "vegan.") The gold is just right -- it's not too shiny and not too yellow. I've worn them several times already -- I am more than going to get my money's worth out of these babies even if they fall to pieces at the end of the summer, but they honestly are pretty good shoes for the price point. They rub me a teensy bit on the insides of my ankles where the gathering is, but I fixed that with the application of a couple of pieces of Nexcare First Aid Tape (the best stuff -- just stick it on the rubby place and voila! no more rubby!) and all is well. Had I spent $300 for the shoes, I would be cheesed at having to do any doctoring. Having spent $30, I'm totally okay with it.

Sadly, the gold version of this sandal seems to have sold out, but they do have black ones left, so if you're interested, hit FREE Overnight Shipping from Endless.comand check 'em out. They have Free Overnight Shipping and they're also having further markdowns on summer sandals, so it's worth a cruise through the site. Here are some more little flat gold sandals that I also like. (The pictures may not be gold, but they are all available in gold.) Click photos for links.

Clarks Women's Posy Flower Sandal

Yellow Box Women's Fawn Sandal

DV By Dolce Vita Women's Owen Sandal

Gwyneth Women's Zen Sandal

Aerosoles Women's Soul Mate Dress Sandal

Enzo Angiolini Women's Nourish Sandal

DV by Dolce Vita Women's Daisy-11 Sandal

So now that my gold sandal mission has been accomplished, I'm on to wanting a pair of flat red sandals.

Zodiac Women's Karli Flat Sandal

I can't get over how intrigued by these I am. I dunno why, they are just working for me.

Corso Como Women's Felicia Sandal
These are also really good -- the straps look so delicate.

Dolce Vita Essex Ankle Tie Flat Sandals

Not sure I want to commit to an ankle strap -- they do slow down the on & off process. But these are awfully cute.

What do you guys think? I am now accepting applications for flat red sandals, so if you run across any you think are great, be sure to let me know!

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teteatete said...

I'm not sure if I can post links, so I'll just put "my website" as the link to the most comfortable sandals I've ever owned. I'm not sure how you feel about Sofft brand, but these are really fabulous red flats. It looks like the red is on sale at Zappos, too! I want more of these in more colors. I walk to work and they're really fab with no rubby points--even the strap is smooth.

Tellicherry said...

The silver Aerosoles with the black clover are the most comfortable shoes ever. I recently bought them in all black and I can tell I am going to wear them until they fall apart.