Friday, September 11, 2009

Pretty For Friday -- September 11




Jil Sander layered leather boots. Available at Barney's and Brown's.

That is absolutely one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. My heart is grown dark and smoky with boot-lust. Those are the sort of boots that could lead a person like me to commit acts of criminality large and small, without remorse. Do ya reckon I could get at least $1895 (plus shipping) for my soul? Go on, make me an offer...


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Deja Pseu said...

Yowza. Too much heel and too much moolah, but dang, that wrapped effect is pretty cool.

dana said...

not straps
most excellent.
(Sigerson Morrisons still cooler, and now on sale.)

Duchesse said...

Spy, I do love your blog and at the same time, your shoe picks challenge me. Even 30 years ago I would not subject my feet and safety to such heels.

Tellicherry said...

Sweet baby Jesus, those are awesome!

Frances said...

Hey, kidneys are selling pretty well on the interwebs. I'm not SAYING, I'm know..sayin'

Belle de Ville said...


Someone said...

I am with Pseu on these. Great concept - but as for myself, I need a super-spy-cool MIDheeled boot...ideally one with a great tread I could wear in the winter. I *have* awesome spike heel boots with great dark metal hardware on 'em, *have* some fab cyberpunk boots that are as flat as something equally kickass to fill in the middle would rock.

Sorry...I don't mean to whine, you just happened to hit a nerve with this boot-walkin' dame.

Lisa said...

I have drool on my chin.