Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wherein You Get To Be Style Spy's Editor

Here it comes!!!!

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us. There will be A LOT of fashion.


Here's the schedule:

Seriously. Are they kidding me with this? And, of course, this is just New York. London, Milan, and Paris will all follow in the next several weeks. I don't think any one human being can be expected to even look at all that stuff let alone write coherently about it. So here's what we're going to do -- you're going to pick which shows you want me to review. Take a gander at the shows going down (if you click on the chart it'll take you to the website where you might find it easier to read) and make note of the ones you're interested in, then leave a comment after this post telling me which ones they are. Any shows that get votes from readers will be collections I'll try to review here on the blog. I'm not going to absolutely promise to get to all of them, but I'll do my best. More votes = a greater likelihood I'll talk about it, so speak up out there if you have a favorite. There may also be a few that don't get any votes except mine, but well... hey, it's my blog. Shows I'm not going to review, no matter how much you beg: Thom Browne (so over it), Tory Burch (raiding the closet of country club matrons from the 60's is not fashion design), Gottex (Swimsuits. Don't care.), JCPenney (Ummmmm, PTB at Fashion Week? That's a retail outlet, not a fashion designer.), and Cho Cheng (because I'm pretty sure that's a Harry Potter character).

On second thought, I think I want to see what's up with Cho Cheng. She's had a rough time of it, what with the murdered boyfriend and Harry dumping her for Ron's sister and all that jazz. So go ahead & vote for her if you're interested. Girlfriend needs a break.

But I digress.

Ya know, it's funny. I look at that chart and see aaaaaaall those names and aaaaaaaall those fashion shows and know that there's three more just like that coming up soon; not to mention all the so-called Fashion Weeks that happen in places like Buenos Aires and Moscow and Johannesburg and Ulan Bator and Muskogee and Alice Springs and McMurdo Station and I think, "If there's so damn many fashion designers out there, why do we all have so much trouble finding trousers that fit???" It just seems that -- looking at it purely as a numbers game -- someone would've figured that shit out. It's one of life's great mysteries, huh?


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Anonymous said...

Proenza Schouler, please. Please!

vee said...

"If there's so damn many fashion designers out there, why do we all have so much trouble finding trousers that fit???"

It's funny because it's true!

Belle de Ville said...

Edit, are you kidding. I get a headache just looking at that schedule.
And, to add on Vee's remark, if there are so damn many fashion designers out there, why are designer clothes so expensive, given the economics of Supply and Demand and all that?
Oh, and I'd go to Marc Jacobs. Yes he may be a brilliant marketeer, but he's also an awesome designer.

WendyB said...

As usual, I dread having to see every teenage and/or illiterate blogger's "review" of the collections. I feel like, if you're not there in person, don't write about it! It's overkill and I'd rather get an educated opinion from a real critic, not some little girl.

Sara said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs (he's influential), Zero Maria Cornejo, Y-3, and Christian Sirano (as a PR fan, it's been fun to watch him from the beginning). I always enjoy your humorous and thoughtful feedback on the collections.