Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Carpet Extravaganza -- 2009 Emmy Awards

Here is my review of the fashion at the 2009 Emmy Awards, which happened last night.

They all looked like this.

Jenna Fischer in Reem Acra


Yeah, that's pretty much all I've got on that. I'm going to go make lunch now.


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Belle de Ville said...

Yep, I watched the Emmy red carpet show, for professional reasons, of almost killed me.

dot said...

: )

Your shortest post!

So I'll try to make this my shortest comment. Just came to say hi. I miss our conversations. Still posting on LFW, I keep shooting shoes I know you'd love. I've got so many to post, I'll never get thru them. It's great fun & I so wish you were there in person, you'd love it!


Denise said...

I hate to admit this, but I know deep in my heart you're right: it's sort of like some horrible version of prom, isn't it?

Though Ellen Burstyn (her very fine self, not her dress) looked luminous.

StyleSpy said...

Belle -- there was some very pretty jewelry, though. Good sparklies.

J -- It says something when even I can't come up with something to say, doesn't it. Will check out your log soon -- no time for a breath today!

Denise -- a very, very, VERY expensive prom. But yeah -- about that interesting.