Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting It Right

I often have quibbles with the way Carine Roitfeld turns herself out, and let's not even get into whether or not she's someone I want to sit down & have a glass of wine with (probably not). But occasionally she gets it very, very right.

Everything about this is good. Better than good -- it's perfect. I am now not going to be happy until I find the perfect silky shirtwaist in a good creamy vanilla color. I already have my Perfect Nude Sandals to go with it, and I know my Fragments Neckstravaganza would be amazing peeking out of the open neck. The caption on this photo over at Jak & Jil Blog says she's on her way to the Dior couture show, so it would make sense if the dress were Dior, but I don't recall anything like that going down a Dior runway the last couple of seasons. This is not to say it's not something that was produced for the boutique & not shown, but it doesn't seem very Dior-ish to me. Which is all moot, of course, because given that this is Carine Roitfeld we're looking at it's unlikely that I can afford it no matter where she got it. So I'm going to have to make one.

That'll be a nice little timekill/amusement this weekend, sussing out patterns & fabrics. I'm thinking maybe silk crepe, or maybe just a nice poly crepe, because that color, if history shows me anything, is a schmutz magnet. (La Roitfeld no doubt has minions to follow her around and deal with her schmutz -- Gauloise-puffing, Louboutin-hooved, chic, razor-thin little Parisienne minions. Minionettes! HAH! I just made a cross-language pun!!) It'll need to have a little bit of weight to it, and I think to get around the lining problem maybe I'll just make a very simple slip to wear under it. Oh, I think la Maman is going to be doing some sewing...


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Belle de Ville said...

I'm just not feeling this look on "La Roitfeld". I always think that it is hit or miss with her. IMHO, for "La Wintour" it is never a miss.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Hmm...I have to agree with Belle de Ville. I don't love this look. It's not bad, though. I'm just not CRAZY about it.

I saw some show/internet clip about Roitfeld and she seemed MUCH MORE down to earth than Wintour, who's icier than a prehistoric glacier.

I'm impressed that you can sew. I need to learn!! Maybe that will save me some dough!

Duchesse said...

I think those "simple shirtdress" garments are deceptively tricky to sew. CR can get three of them so one is always clean.

When I read she keeps a scale in her office, relies on pills rather than food to keep going ("I get so tired") and "hates" "fat" people (whom I suspect are maybe size 10 but to be fair, she did not specify) I stopped admiring her.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

@Duchesse: I didn't know that. Yikes!

WendyB said...

I do like this look. Elegant.