Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Best. Prescription. Ever.

Wow. When was the last time you heard a doctor say, "Yes, go ahead and wear the high heels as often as you can." Seriously. My podiatrist said that to me yesterday. How much do I love my podiatrist??

For the past several months I have been suffering from a pretty painful case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. It hurts, I haven't been able to run since September and consequently I've gained a fair amount of weight, and I'm just generally miserable. I have to do calf and achilles stretching exercises before I get out of bed or my first step of the day can leave me in tears. So finally yesterday I went to see a podiatrist. We discussed options to make my foot better (there are some, thank goodness) and then I told him how I found it ironic that my foot was actually more comfortable in high heels than flats, because my weight is shifted forward to my toes then and the heel hurts less. Then the doctor said it: "Yes, heels are much better for you. Go ahead and wear them as often as you can."

Well, you can imagine the delighted smile that spread across my face. I drifted off for a moment, thinking about all the lovely 3- and 4-inch heels nestled in their boxes in my closet. "I think I can do that," I said, happily.

So now I'm thinking even harder about these little darlings:

Zar from Donald J. Pliner

These little sweeties are on sale at Fetish here in Austin. (BTW, Austin readers -- all the fall & winter shoes at Fetish are on sale right now, and they have some gooooooood shoes.) I was shocked by how comfortable they are -- I seriously think I could run around in these shoes for hours and well... I don't have to say anything about how damn fabulous they are, do I?

But here's the problem:

These are my delicious Cole Haan kitty cats that I love so much. Every time I put them on, I feel like this:

(Which is a good feeling, although very far from the facts of the case. Strictly wishful thinking on my part. No one will ever mistake me for Gina Lollobrigida, or even a distant member of her family.)

But really -- how many pairs of calf-hair leopard print shoes does a gal need?

Maybe don't answer that...

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r sorrell said...

I think it's perfectly reasonable to have two pairs of shoes with a similiar pattern. They have different heels and therefore aren't in the same category. That's like saying you should only have one black skirt. Buy them!