Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Man After My Own Heart

I love Isaac Mizrahi. I think he's funny, original, and most of all I think he's a fantastic designer.

Would you look at that yummydelicious jersey dress! Although I must admit I have my doubts about the furry shoes...

He's got a really gorgeous website going now with amazing photos and fun tidbits, and a feature called Revamp wherein readers send him photos of wardrobe pieces they don't know what to do with and he turns them into something else. I love this! You have to check it out.

I mean, really -- who would you rather have coffee & dish with -- Martha Stewart or Isaac Mizrahi? Martha may make beautiful napkin rings out of discarded diaphragms and sequins or whatever, but I've yet to see her crank out something as lovely as this:

Very swoonful. Is it just me, or would that be the most beautiful wedding dress ever?

Anyway, check out Isaac's site. It'll make ya giggle.


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