Monday, February 26, 2007

Do Not Anger the Pantyhose

Great googly-moogly.

For ages I've heard people rave about what great pantyhose Donna Karan makes, but I've never bought any. Last week I was in Nordstrom's, and I went ahead and bought a pair of these:

Donna Karan The Nudes, with a control top and sheer toe. Really good sheer color, nice texture, and lordamercy, the control top!! I've got actual support garments that aren't this fiercely controlling. These are the Karl Rove of pantyhose -- complete and utter lockdown on material, brooking absolutely no deviation on the party line. It's their way or the highway. I actually broke a sweat getting into them -- I had to turn on the ceiling fan. Granted, I've got a lot of extra... er, material to control at present, but these bad boys wrestled my backside into a nice smooth surface. I wore them to dinner with My Girls, and that may not have been the ideal situation for them -- these are more stand-around-and-drink-cocktails-in-a-slinky-dress pantyhose, not stuff-yourself-with-garlic-and-basil-naan pantyhose. When I skipped off to the ladies' room after dinner, I left The Girls with strict instructions to send a search party if I didn't re-emerge after a set period of time.

I think for everyday use I'm going to stick with my tried-and-true Hanes Silk Reflections (in Travel Buff, thank you), but if you're looking for a control top to whip you into shape and show you who's boss, these are the way to go. Use them judiciously!


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