Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blister Block Giveaway!

Remember this stuff?
I tracked some down, and I got an extra to give away to some lucky reader. If you're interested, tell me so by leaving a comment and I'll do a drawing on Wednesday the 16th.

I haven't tested this stuff yet myself, so the jury's still out on my end. The packaging reveals it to be "hydrogenated vegetable oil, cetyl alcohol, and fragrance." So basically, it's nice-smelling Crisco, as far as I can tell. However, it is very nice-smelling (in a good shower gel-y kinda way), and it's neatly packaged as a solid in a handy little tube, so hey -- good for Johnson & Johnson.

If ya want in on the drawing action, tell me so here.


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Julie said...

If that stuff works it would be a godsend. My feet are just big and awkward and wideish enough to make every pair of shoes I've ever owned rub raw spots, including the Birkies.

Put my name in the hat and I will send you a review so detailed you will recoil in horror ;)

Caroline said...

How can I have not left you a comment, begging to be in the draw? (nearly typed drawer - being in the drawer would be weird). Would love to find out if this stuff works!