Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hollywood Goes to the Museum

I think it's adorable when the show-biz people get all dressed up and pretend to have cul-cha, don't you? From the Met Costume Institute Gala, here's The Hollywood Contingent:

Parker Posey in Marc Jacobs

Oh, dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. See, here's the thing: if you're going to wear a risky dress, you have to own it. You have to throw your shoulders back and keep that head high and stride through the room like Katherine Hepburn in "The Philadelphia Story." If you don't, if you admit the tiniest smidgen of uncertainty into your demeanor, then the dress defeats you and you wind up looking a fool. Perhaps it's just this photo, but Parker appears to have grave doubts about her dress (as well she might) and therefore, it's a disaster. I think there are actresses who could have pulled this off: Cate Blanchett, Sarah Jessica Parker, even Nicole Kidbot. Ms. Posey? Not so much.

Liv Tyler in Calvin Klein Collection

Perfectly lovely girl in perfectly lovely dress. No, it's not the most fashion-forward thing, but that color? Is exquisite on her. Perfection. I'll bet it was beyond beautiful when she walked, with the movement of that drape in the back. And Liv Tyler's skin is enough to make me want to pull a Princess Erzsébet of Transylvania -- it's unbelievable.

Alessandro Nivola in Calvin Klein Collection and Emily Mortimer in Chanel

My vote for cutest couple -- I think they are soooooo adorable. And oh, that blue!! That blue!! So beautiful!! And yeah, I like the foofy bits. They're fun.

Francisco Costa with Christina Ricci in Calvin Klein Collection

Great googly-moogly! What the hell has happened to Christina Ricci?? While I am deliriously happy to see her embracing the idea of bangs (Let's face it folks, without them her head looks like a giant wheel of parmesan cheese. You know it's true.), what is going on with her face? Yeah, I've read the interviews about "losing her babyfat" and all that jazz, but methinks she's been getting beauty tips from Nicole Kidbot. She's starting to skeeve me a little.

Aw, how sweet. Mary-Kate is wearing her favorite teddy bear. Seriously, I want to break into this girl's house and incinerate all her black eyeliner. Enough, already!!! (I think this dress is Givenchy.)

Angie Harmon in I-don't-know-whose dress, but she looks like a million bucks. The dress (it seems Cavalli-esque to me. Does anyone know?) could be a bit much, but she is simple and elegant in it, with that tight chignon and appropriate jewelry. Also, while the fabric of the gown is quite ornate, the cut of it is simple and actually rather conservative. Had Beyoncé Knowles put this on, the skirt would be slashed at least to the belt, the sleeves chopped off, and some hydraulic support mechanism would have her boobs up around her ears, creating a whole Reptilia the Erotic Snake Goddess at the County Fair effect. Ms. Harmon here manages to wear a lamé snakeskin print and look tasteful. Brava.

Cate Blanchett in Balenciaga with Nicholas Ghesquiere

This is a near-miss for me. It's just too... too, ya know? Plus the Bride of Frankenstein hair & makeup aren't doing the normally stunning Ms. Blanchett any favors. As I pointed out to Mary-Kate above, I really hate that raccoony-eye thing. (Unless you're Chrissy Hynde, or someone with similar rock & roll street cred.)

Kirsten Dunst in vintage YSL, with Johnny Borrell

Further proof that dating musicians is never a good idea.

Juliette Lewis in vintage

Another dress I just adored. It's beautiful, it looks beautiful on her, it's body-conscious but not tight. I love the long gold necklace, as well. I could do without the headband, but I understand it's a nod to Poiret's twenties, and at least she resisted the urge to go full-on costume and marcel-wave her hair. Juliette Lewis is an odd duck and we don't see her very often, but if she dressed like this all the time I'd like to see her more.

Claire Danes in Prada with Hugh Dancy

I think this was my favorite dress of the night. No deep fashion meta-analysis needed, it's just gorgeous. Simple as that. I've always been a fan of ombré effects, and the colors on this one are so unexpected. Just lovely.

More Gala-gear tomorrow! See you then!


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WinterWheat said...

Yes! That last dress is wonderful. Very modern.

r sorrell said...

I think Kirsten Dunst must not have a stylist. Surely, a professional wouldn't have let her go out in public looking like that, would they? BLEH! And what's up with the headband thing?

StyleSpy said...

r -- I usually like Kirsten Dunst's sense of style. She's adventurous and obviously really loves fashion. The headband thingie must be a nod to the 20's, the period Paul Poiret is most associated with. I object much more strongly to her escort's clothing choices than hers in this photo (he certainly doesn't have a stylist!), and am also very troubled by the drunken-sorority-girl-at-her-spring-formal vibe. I think a better photo might reveal that this is actually a very beautiful dress, but yeah, the headband thingie has got to go.