Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Quick Rave

If you're someone who likes the shopping, you come to appreciate good customer service. Now, a lot of folks grumble about spending money at the higher-end department stores like Saks, and goodness knows they are pricey, but you unquestionably get an awful lot of bang for your buck there. Case in point, my cutie-pie little red Weitzman flats that I bought in NYC. I bought them while I was there, and I even wore them while I was there, but when I got them home and put them on to run errands around here, they were just too big. Actually difficult to keep on my feet -- I had to pad them out with insoles and even then it really wasn't working that well.

This is very mysterious to me. I mean, everything's supposed to be bigger in Texas, right?

So, sad redhead. Shoes are too big, but shoes have already been worn. On the other hand, I did buy them at Saks, so I took a chance & called & talked to Customer Service. Oh, hey, no problem, bring 'em on in.

Mmmmmmmmm. That's what I like to hear.

So I took the shoes up to my local Saks, and the extremely accommodating and patient (there was assorted billing folderol due to gift certificates & whatnot, but he didn't bat an eye) Ernest Ramirez, the manager of shoes and handbags (how's that for a job we'd all like to have?) took my shoes back. He had to order another pair for me, because my Saks didn't have them in red, but they sent them on without a shipping charge and they arrived this morning.

Happy Feet

So, hooray for Ernest, hooray for Saks, hooray for shiny red patent-leather shoes that make us skip when we walk!! Hooray!!!!

Photo: Style Spy

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Anonymous said...

HI Happy Feet , you look lovely in flats ,I have seen you only in ones skydivers would envy. She does wear flat folks ( just in case people were thinking you spent all the time high )

Now I shall make you one of these & Hearts ; LOL

For a unexpected parcel from YOU! Jumping up and down with JOY>>>MY lips look very sexy and I love the color , rating that Max (Factor) a great red! I thank you so much and wishes you happy feet forever Love K
PS Got the Gucci's

Anonymous said...

The new flats look PERFECT on you!

r sorrell said...

Speaking of customer service, my boss, who's a big-truck-driving good ol' boy, will only shop at Nordstrom... because of the customer service (and return policy). That stuff matters.

Shopaholic D said...

now that's custmer service! it seems most stores have forgotten how to take care of their customers, so this is a refreshing story...thanks for sharing!

:) D