Sunday, May 20, 2007

Slinky Seduction

I'm completely in love with this dress:

It's Nieves Lavi, and I just want to wear it all the time. It's a nice slinky knit with a blouson waist, gathered skirt, and sleeves that reach almost to my elbows. It swirls a little when I walk. It's washable. It's comfortable. It's the dress of my dreams.

I've been absolutely seduced by the knit dress. I also got this one a little while ago:

BCBG. Great colors: chocolate brown, tan, cream, and blue -- it looks perfect with my blue Miu Miu mary janes. I have to wear a brown camisole underneath this one, the vee is a bit deep, but I still love it. I've been wearing it like crazy.

I've added a few more to my closet over the last several months, but I'll spare you any more of my dreadful photography. The ease of a knit dress is hard to beat, and they're so comfortable to wear. And I'm spoiled now. If for some reason I can't wear one (like they're all already dirty because they're all I want to wear!), I get a little crabby about it: You mean I have to pick out a top and skirt?! Oh, so much effort!

In an effort to proselytize for the Knit Dress, I'm bringing you some good ones I found on the ol' internets. Click photos for links.

The grand-daddy of 'em all: Diane von Furstenberg. She created the form in 1973, we owe it all to her, and I don't think anyone to this day does it as well. (That snake-print dress Angie Harmon was wearing at the Met Costume Institute Gala was DVF, which I should have known just from looking at it -- five points off my style maven score.) They aren't cheap, (although they aren't insanely expensive -- you can buy several for the price of a Dior dress!) and Diane does like her gals a little on the thin side (note how closely those arms fit the model in the photo above); but if you can score one and fit into it, it's an investment piece you'll have for years because they never, ever go out of style.

So elegant. My only thought is that it's a bit long, so if you were on the petite side you might want to hem it up a bit. The sleeves are so pretty.

This is my personal ideal dress shape, and for many other folks as well. The sad fact is that I'm a little too hippy to comfortably (or safely) wear a wrap dress. They fly open. Which is never chic. I prefer a faux wrap, and something with a nice swingy skirt like this one. I really like this dress. I may need this dress. Hmmmmmm...

Beautiful print. Prints are extra nice because knits, of course, tend to be a bit slinky and clingy. A good print markedly reduces the chances of VPLs, which are much more noticeable under a solid color.

This is so cute, and comes in three different color combinations.

Another faux wrap, this one with a narrower silhouette. I can't quite get away with something like this, but it's great if you have narrower hips.

So breezy, and I love the color, which is called "Peridot" and happens to be my birthstone. Perfect for traveling this summer -- roll it up & tuck it into a corner of your suitcase, which is another of the great benefits of the knit dress. This site, by the way (Newport News) has buckets of cute knit dresses at very affordable prices. Check 'em out.

Just love this, and such a flattering shape. It'll make your waist look tiny.

A slightly looser take on the wrap silhouette. I adore this. Put a jacket over it and you are the best-dressed (and fastest-dressed) woman in the office.

This is an absolute steal, and so cute. Buy two, because you know you'll wear it to shreds this summer, and at the price you can afford to.

With little patent-leather flats, this is the perfect running-around dress. Delightful

Oh, there are so many more out there, this is just a few from a few sites. I could go on & on, but I won't. So go. Shop. Then tell me whatcha got.

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Jen said...

OMG. Knit dresses are so fabulous. I just bought a faux wrap black knit dress on sale from Ann Taylor on Saturday, and wore my cheap Old Navy blue print one to a play a week and a half ago. For plus size girls, I highly recommend for great wrap dresses.

dissed said...

Now I need a knit dress, damn it all. Your fault.