Monday, May 21, 2007

Shoes for William Blake

I got these a while back & keep forgetting to show them to you:

Cole-Haan. Let's list how they're de trop: Metallic brocade. Gold leather. Gilded denim. Gold studs. There are even rhinestones, for pete's sake. They're completely excessive and over-the-top and just barely miss the tacky bullseye, and yet... I adore them. They delight me. I found them while I was shopping for shoes for my New York trip. Obviously, these were not them, but I actually skipped a little when I unearthed them at the Cole-Haan outlet. Seriously, I gave a little hop right there in front of the sale rack, and giggled non-stop as I placed them on my feet. Then there was a little more hopping & skipping & giggling, especially when I did the math & realized they were only about 80 bucks. I didn't even hesitate, I marched right up to the register and said, "Sell me these shoes!" Or something like that.

That's the feeling I'm looking for all the time when I shop -- I want something to grab me by the ass and shake me around the room. I want that completely undeniable, unquestionable click in my head that tells me that this item must, absolutely must come home with me right this very instant. Like falling in love. But less stressful. (I think. I don't know for sure -- I don't think that's ever happened to me outside of a retail experience. And when I found my Shine, of course.)

The very definition of love at first sight.

I'm really making an effort these days to only buy something if that happens, because goodness knows it's not as though my closet is barren and I'm running around in rags. (But if I do, you can bet they'll be well-accessorized rags!)

So what, you might ask, does a person wear with shoes like the ones above, shoes that might cause Dolly Parton to raise an eyebrow? (Don't get me wrong, I love me some Dolly, but she's not known for her sartorial restraint, now, is she?) The answer is, something very, very simple. For example, I have a great navy blue knit dress almost identical to the black DVF wrap from yesterday's post. It totally rocks with these shoes.

What do you have in your wardrobe that was love at first sight? Tell me all about it.

Photos: Style Spy

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Anonymous said...

OMG they are a delight for sure , I am wanting them ! My big trill was my leather coat. LONG and flowing more than a A-line but not a complete circle coat & did not overwelm short little me. And the color not black but natural TAN, I was in love to make matters better it was sized extra-small petite ( even for me that was a vanity size) Yes the price tag made me blink not once but twice. And then like magic money wafting into the shoppe I remember it is a week before my birthday YiPPEE. Yes I still get the trill even if it is at least 10 years old ,it gets me evry time and seems to look better the older it gets. A trills a trill K

benvenuta said...

I love those shoes.

Anonymous said...

Unlike your gorgeous Cole-Haans, my item is casual wear. Do you remember when all the celebrities wore Earl Jeans? and then it was Sevens, and now it's something new every week, provided it is at LEAST well over $100, and often 2 or 3 bills. I pooh-poohed the idea of such pricey jeans. It just seemed to go against all the principles of Mr. Levi Strauss! I mean, they're just JEANS! But a few pregnancies back, during the most awkward and frumpy stage of being bigger, but not obviously pregnant yet, I tried on a pair of Seven (please don't make me type the whole stupid name of this brand!) maternity jeans. I couldn't BELIEVE what they did for my body! They elongated my legs. And they were so comfortable. When I turned and saw the rear-view, WOWZA! There was NO WAY I was leaving the store without them, no matter the cost. They were my best friends throughout two more pregnancies. I no longer scoff at high-priced jeans; I do have a few carefully-chosen pairs that I love, now that I see the difference they can make.


StyleSpy said...

K -- I know finding a good full-length coat is a triumph for a petite princess llike you. It sounds delicious. There is something so decadent about leather, isn't there?

B- Thanks! I can't help but worry people are whispering behind my back when I wear them, but you know what? I DON'T CARE!!

S-- One of these days, due to stories like this, I'm going to go down the expensive-denim rabbit hole and then I'll be in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

i adore those shoes! and if they are whispering, it's probably a coveteous whisper...
; )

WinterWheat said...

I love those shoes too.

Remember that dress you posted a picture of, the black one with big lush floral embroidery all over, and 3/4 sleeves that belled out a little, and a skirt that was too damn short? It reminded me of my love-at-first-sight jacket. Black velvet, embroidered all over with huge, lush flowers. Found it half price at a boutique in Sonoma a few years ago. I call it my technicolor dreamcoat.

Shaista said...

LOVE the shoes. My wanting of a thousand suns was a pair of boots. Baci Raven just-below-the-calf boots.
3 and change heel, rounded toes, black/silver butter soft leather, with a set of layered tapestry ribbon winding naughtily up the shank. Zow. Last pair on Zappos was in my size, on sale. MINEMINEMINE.
And they make the tacky bridesmaid dress I'm stuck with in a few weeks WORK.